By Turnipseed3 - 03/05/2012 17:00 - United States

Today, I was sitting on the toilet, pregnant as ever and really sick. I asked my fiancé to bring me a pair of clean underwear. He did so and brought me some lacy underwear. They weren't mine. FML
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Aw, I'm so sorry OP. :( Maybe you should ask him about it? You never know.

I'm sorry :/ feel better though & have a safe pregnancy ! Take care of the baby :)


Aw, I'm so sorry OP. :( Maybe you should ask him about it? You never know.

Yeah. Maybe they are his... Lol

It's better than cheating, isn't it?

How do you know he didn't buy them for you? If they fit you, and you're pregnant then he probably isn't cheating on you with any other pregnant and/or coincidentally sized non-pregnant woman.

Either extremely early Christmas gift, or he just enjoys keeping a pair around for when you're not there. To, you know, get in touch with that certain other side.

OP, He bought that brand new lacy underwear for you. I guess you didn't understand what he was hinting at.

Exactly, 23. They could have been a present, OP's fiancé could like to cross dress, or maybe a female relative could have left them there (it wouldn't surprise me if someone was staying with them, especially since OP is pregnant.) Unfortunately her fiancé could just be the kind of f*cked up person who not only cheats, but does so when his partner is pregnant and they're engaged... OP, I'm sure you've already done this, but you need to talk to him and find out what's up. I wouldn't accuse him of anything just yet, though.

Maybe he bought you some???

Looking at the fact that your husband actually bothered to do what you asked, perhaps he bought the panties for you as a present? Besides, you're pregnant and all and need a new size... So with that, don't feel down, OP!

Well, if you have friends sleep over sometimes, or you used to before you got engaged, they could be their underwear.

I'm sorry OP :( You have a lot to deal with right now.

To point out, she probably wouldn't have posted this FML if they were a gift to her. If they were, he could've told her right away.

Well you never know, she could have deliberately left out the part where he explained just so it would get on the site. I mean, you're just going by those few sentences from someone you most likely don't know.

*fiancé runs out of house, kicks in door of neighbors house,* give me your underwear or I will cut you!! *girl hands them to him* thank you *tins manically back to the house*

*cut you Runs back*

You know what I hate about crotchless panties? My nuts hang out.

I'm sure he was cheating if they weren't hers...

Maybe it's a present for her :)

he did what you asked... im kidding im sorry FYL

Maybe they were a gift? Sorry OP. I truly am. :( Oh, and congrats! At least you got a baby..?

I'm sorry :/ feel better though & have a safe pregnancy ! Take care of the baby :)

Nahh man. This is great. Especially for the baby! *sarcasm*

Why have sarcasm :o when being a troll can be so enjoyable

Now Aren't we sympathetic #4?

*facepalm* Trolls are the scum of the internet...

I'm sorry:( do what's best for you and the baby. I hope things get better

I'm sorry:( do what's best for you and the baby. I hope things get better

They were his. He likes the room a thong gives a man.

Trust me, if you want "room," stay the hell away from thongs. They ride up every damn place (interesting enough, Victoria Sectret's "no ride up" panties are the worst offender I've come across). You want room, boxers kickass.

no way evilplatypus! thongs are comfy as hell ha(:

That's what I was going to say Razzle_Dazzle. I mean what man doesn't like thongs?

Men who do not like thongs are not really men. Of course, shouldn't the man-lacking men like them the most?

O_o be like "thanks for the underwear asshole" then throw them at him and take EVERYTHING when you leave him >:D

Derp not married yet

(Please note that my comment is based dd the assumption that the fiancé is cheating) So are you trying to say it would be better for the OP to stay with a guy who has no problem cheating on her because you don't think the baby should have to go without a father? I'm saying this based off of experience. It would be better for her to end things now than to wait for what could potentially be years to leave him because that way the child isn't left hurt because mommy and daddy are no longer together. I would've preferred that my parents stayed split up when I was young rather that deciding to get back together for the sake of me and my brothers only to divorce when I was 10.

Cross dressing does relieve stress...

Well that blows! I'm real sorry tho.. But it could be different than what you think.