By Toast514 - Canada
Today, I was short shifted at work because one of my employee's decided not to show up. Furious, I wrote her up and made predetermined judgments about her. When she came in, I went off on her for being absent and leaving me stuck. She then informed me her mom tried to commit suicide. FML
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no guys think about it if you were the owner of a company and someone u needed very much to work that day just didnt show up with ANY explamation at all wouldnt u be mad. The least she could do was tell them she would be in the hospital with her mom

  iamme_fml  |  0

Well.... of course they would be mad....but they should still listen for an explanation... If your mom had just attempted suicide you're probably going through a lot of emotions and work is not the first thing on your mind... I'm never late to work, rarely call out, but if my mom tried to commit suicide, I'm sure as hell that the first thing on my mind wouldn't be about calling my work. Wouldn't even think about it. I would just be there for my mom. Work would definitely be an after thought.

  Rabbits  |  0

Today my mom tried to commit suicide which made me late for work. Before I could explain my boss screams at me for being late and writes me up. What a day! Fml

  Inspired22  |  11

When an employee can't make it for whatever reason, they are supposed to call! I'm sorry her mom attempted suicide, but all she had to do was call and say, "I'm up to my eyeballs in emotional turmoil right now, I can't make it!" A boss has the right ALWAYS to write someone up for now showing up to their shift!

  ForestFire0  |  1

Or the employee lied to get out of trouble. Seems a lot more likely, huh? She had all day to think up an excuse, and this one is pretty conveniently impossible to check out without risking looking like an even bigger asshole.

  xNephilim  |  18

Not that hard to check up on.
"I'm sorry to bother you about this, but if you could get me some paperwork from the hospital, I would greatly appreciate that. We just need something to put on file."

  22cute  |  17

It is VERY sad but it's good for her to get up and go to work. Following normal patterns can keep you from sinking into a dark depression.

  Philosophic  |  0

IS her fault. She hires somebody who she believes to be loyable to an extent, and then she doesn't show up? - It's fair to assume she was late for a justful cause; she even came in after the suicidal attempt.. YDI