By LtlCheeseburger - / Thursday 31 May 2012 18:15 / United Kingdom - Derby
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  un1corns  |  15

44 - Different stores/brands have different fits. Sometimes a brand might make clothes that run a bit smaller or larger than 'typical' sizes, so the OP might not necessarily be wearing clothes that are too tight.

  skoob1  |  12

Different stores have different sizes, but for it to get stuck to the point of not coming off, she would had a hard time getting it around her knees. Now, why would you proceed to zip and button up, when you are obviously too big?


I think people aren't understanding that the zipper got stuck, or what that means. Maybe it was a BIT of a squeeze, but not something that she absolutely struggled to get on. A zipper getting stuck can make it hard to get out of something that IS your size. God knows it's happened to me.


12- Nah man, you got it all wrong. Us rocks... we have a score to settle with the scissors. We, as a people were at peace with paper, until those retched scissors ruined everything. They destroyed paper civilians, cleverly disguised as rocks. They began the great War.

  egc573  |  40

I thought that too. Usually you can tell what's going to happen before the zipper even goes up.

If one size down was that tight on the OP, though, I have a feeling that she's just squeezing herself into the bigger size, and SAYING that it fits. Which must be just so attractive to look at...

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