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By  davidfong  |  14

Time to get some adult diapers or some plastic cover for your car seats.

As for the issue now go to the roller store and buy a crap load of air freshener

  zuckerburg  |  21

your reading acumen and processing of information, or lack thereof, is much to be desired. He was saying that "being lady like" is annoying, because you have to date a person for the good (the naked sexy times) and the bad (the fecal fart butt cannon) and that she shouldn't have held it in or rush him off to just do "#2". Your reading comprehension is that of a 6 year old, hell, I know 6 year old's that can kick your ass.... go bck2schul


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  alexlovesdrew  |  3

My fiancee is blind in his right eye so therefore he can not drive himself to work. before placing judgement on people you should really consider what may be the cause of someone not being able to drive

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  40

So you live with your boyfriend and you're embarrassed to fart in front of him? I'm also trying to figure out how a turd landed on the carpet. If it went straight out of your ass and onto the carpet, I'm going to assume that you either wore a skirt or a gown with no undergarment, or you removed your trousers and undergarments before actually going to the bathroom just to carefully fart. If the latter, then let this be a lesson as to why you should only remove any covering once you make it to the toilet.