By halitosis - 01/10/2012 07:18 - United States - Compton

Today, I was riding the subway home with some friends, and when I noticed something smelled awful. My friends noticed it too. After searching for the source of the smell, it became apparent that it was my breath. FML
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spekledworf 18

You sure you're not just an ugly barnacle?

Brush your teeth? Gum? Mouthwash? Mini-tooth brush to go?


Omg that sucks sorry

unknown_user5566 26

Omg like totally. -.-

26- your sarcasm is like sooo not called forrr!

Is that all you could come up with? Refer to my picture for assistance.

mintcar 9

^ That's a little harsh.

colonolSexy 2

^ Not really.

^ Quite reasonable, really

No. It is harsh. Not reasonable at all.

You guys are taking this way too seriously. Like chiiiilllll out

Chill out. Dickwad.

lacespace 8

Yeah seriously chill out! I don't know why everyone didn't flip out the first 5 times he used that joke. Jeez you people and your defenses against asshole remarks-the nerve.

bportt 1

29- Omg so funny

spekledworf 18

You sure you're not just an ugly barnacle?

Once there was an ugly barnacle. It was so ugly, everyone died. The end! :D

loserboii 11

Look at it! It's ugly isn't it?! Look at it, I want all of you to look at it!

Am I ugly? *Face shatters like a clay pot*

one11oh 2


We're not ugly, we stink!

MeLuvBewbs 7

"Am I ugly?" "My eyes, MY EYES!!" *smashes into a building and explodes*

"You don't understand Spongebob, I used to be one of the good looking people out there"

lovemesomeanth 2

I'm ugly and I'm proud!

Brush your teeth? Gum? Mouthwash? Mini-tooth brush to go?

Stop licking the subway poles?

Strippers don't like it when you lick their practice poles...

Sinamoi 18

17- It's not like they can stop me.

Rip, slip, brush, AHH! :D Remember that commercial?... No? Okay.

37- I was just about to ask where you'd been lately, but soon realised it would be a pointless question. You were next to me all along weren't you?!

Sinamoi 18

63-Above you actually.

Oh, so it wasn't rain after all :(

Get a tongue scraper and clean your tongue with it. Plus brushing your teeth is the best way to get rid of bad breath.

Brushing might help?

cameronman9 2

Well fuck YOUR life

unknown_user5566 26

Well, yes. I believe that's the point.

It must've smelled pretty bad if even your friends could smell it.

Imo it's worse when you actually smell it yourself, since you'd be 'used to it'. His friends would've noticed it sooner.

SamJones52612 1

Brush your teeth maybe?

Make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. That's where most of the bacteria that causes bad breath resides.

Sometimes I brush the back of my tongue and I vomit in the sink.

19- then that defeats the purpose of brushing in the first place.

unknown_user5566 26

The random announcements of personal hygiene information on FML never cease to amaze me.

I use oraBrush to clean my tongue, and its amazing

imavelociraptor 6

I can see the minty freshness coming out of your mouth in your profile picture :)

45 - just a fact I picked up in nursing school haha.

mintcar 9

It's not the teeth OP should so much worry about, it's the tongue. The most common location for mouth related halitosis is the tongue. Tongue bacteria produces weird compounds and fatty acids that accounts for the bad breath. Also, certain foods could cause halitosis. OP, if you truly have halitosis, seek treatment. Nobody wants to be around a kid with bad breath.