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Ugh i remember doing this crap back in elementary school. Didn't work once and i realize now being with the "popular" kids isnt all that glamorous as in the case of my high school, the "popular" kids are douchy jocks and slutty girls. Really glad i didn't become "popular"

  roxxyfoxxy3  |  25

T-35 agreed....
-60 I still have to get up. It just means earlier because on top of homework I have a shit ton of doctors appointments, along with therapy :3 it's not all good.

  MDTeddy  |  13

I wonder what the average IQ of her grade is. I would like to know if those kids are smart or just kicking it on their iphone. when i was 18 I heard of 2 7th graders who got pregnant and 1 6th grader. Wtf? Also, if someone doesn't think you are cool because you aren't rich then they are the ones not cool instead of you. 12 year olds can't have a freaken job so can't buy an iphone. Kids are so spoiled. I bet a lot of Op's daughter's her grade are jerks to her.

  AngelSpit  |  18

That's why I'm glad I only had a few really good friends in middle and high school I'd rather have a few really good people who ARE your friends than a bunch of people who only SAY they're your friend

By  Magicomoo  |  9

I am sorry OP. I went through my life with out needing those things, but my brother is like that. Not so much dramatic. Hopefully she will grow out of it. Good Luck!

  wlddog  |  14

"It seems we are lucky today. We have stumbled across an parent from the herd, that is being berated by its much smaller offspring. It is simply amazing. These humans have evolved for some reason to never attack their young, despite the dreadful torment the offspring seems to thrive on putting them through."

  Morgneer  |  2

My friends parent used to do this thing, where of my friend wanted something, he had to wait a week, and if he still wanted it, he could then have it (within reason of course, not something ultra expensive)

By  friedpwnadge  |  25

Next time just leave her there until she decides she doesn't need the purse.
Yes, moralfags attack me now.
No, a fucking brat isn't going to boss me around. You're the parent. Not her.

  Bakarra  |  22

OMG he can't just leave his daughter like that! He should have just bought her the purse and then reserved her spot on "My Super Sweet 16" so she can practice complaining about getting the wrong color convertible!

  Meme1988  |  18

Yes, because its very easy to convince a teen that when she feels do not belong at school ( i did not say the purse is help her or not), i am saying both of them have a point!
I am a teacher at high school and most of them rate each other depends on how much money/ new stuff...
If you want to fix the world, you are welcome to do it..!

  mmizbbz210  |  13

67- you as a teacher, in my personal opnion are making it worse. what happened to teachers that tell kids it doesnt matter what you do or have. what happened to kids being themselves and making the grades??...

  Meme1988  |  18

You are gonna thumb me down no matter what i say, but since I dont take it in a personal way,
Here is my answer to the last comment:
I teach in a "hard to deal with" society/city, everyother day we have police in school, these teens is VERY hard to deal with, but i talk to them in a nice friendly way all the time, but i know in the end of the day .. They dont really give a fuck what we tell/recomend them!!
(Not every one offcourse, i have known few great girls and boys!)

  EUPHORlA  |  12

I can kinda understand what Meme is talking about. Girls will always persuade other girls to do things that are not right (ex: You need to have sex because it's cool. You need to do drugs because it makes you look chill). It is not always the parents that are wrong. I was bullied into thinking that being skinny would make me beautiful. It's just how kids are, or society for that matter.

  Bakarra  |  22

Anyone who's ever been a teenage girl knows that paying $300 for a pair of jeans with holes already ripped in them is the only way to make friends! (Sarcasm)

  rokolodo  |  10

The latest Nike tennis shoes, the newest iPhone etc. don't bring popularity but, kids want them 'cause they become the center of attention. And the envy of their materialistic peers.

By  cmb8280  |  24

Dude, get control of your kid. Seriously, the next generation is going to shit cuz of pansies like you. My momma woulda slapped me into last Tuesday, not bought me a fucking purse. Gtfo

  cmb8280  |  24

Awe, FML didn't like my comment. Either way, I'm only 25. It wasn't that long ago that I was in high school. Like I said, I needed to be more worried about my parents disciplinary actions than any peer pressure at school. People are too easy on their kids nowadays. Wait, am I allowed to say that? Or am I out of line with FML policies again?