By WearingOff - United States
Today, I was pulled over for speeding. After a few minutes of conversing, he told me he didn't need to give me a ticket. He then asked for a date. I politely declined. After staring at me for a very long moment, he said "I think I'm going to have to give you that ticket after all." FML
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By  XvxvX  |  0

If you deserved a ticket then you should have gotten one. However if you didnt and he was being a jerk because you didnt go out with him... Then fyl.

  lexa1love  |  16

Um.. maybe she was married? A lesbian? Or frankly just doesn't like someone abusing their power? If I'm speeding then I'll take a ticket I'm not going to go out with a stranger just to get out of it.

By  XvxvX  |  0

If you deserved a ticket then you should have gotten one. However if you didnt and he was being a jerk because you didnt go out with him... Then fyl.

  JohnnyKade  |  25

She deserved a ticket. He wasn't going to give her one and asked for a date. The subsequent rejection made him then decide to proceed and give her a ticket like he should have in the first place

By  fudgemeister  |  0

If this is true, all you need to do is go to court and you'll have that dismissed in a heartbeat along with that officer probably being off the street and maybe off the force.

I highly doubt this is true and you're probably lying about it all but either way, it's not an FYL.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Story of the Hurricane, amirite Tuba?
Then again, since OP is a chick, maybe she'll win?

You deserve the ticket for speeding, but you do not deserve the jackass. FYL indeed.

  exit_arsenic  |  0

conversing means talking, you illiterate pig. you can infer that she was a flirt all you want, it doesn't make it true.
and a succubus is a female demon who has se with men while slowly draining their lifeforce.
so you're wrong on both counts.
congratulations, you fail.

  Phillay632  |  0

Right, you'd exit your vehicle, kick the police officer in the balls, and then get back in your vehicle and drive away... In reality, you would end up with your face planted in the dirt and you'd be tasered or pistol whipped before being arrested for assault on a police officer. Smart. Real smart.

  gigi37  |  0

#10, OP never stated that she initiated this so called flirting; it sounds like the cop started it since HE asked her for a date. And #33 is right, conversing doesn't equal flirting.

OP you should turn him in, that's illegal.

  Maniacfive  |  0

That might be illegal for sure, And i agree, its not right, but presumably she was speeding, so the cop giving her a ticket is her job, and chances are, if she complained, the cop would be all "Your honour, this is all a malicious lie, I asked her what date it was today as I was writing out her speeding ticket is all"

Hell, he gave her the opportunity to get out of the ticket for speeding by going out on a date. Todays lesson: If you're gonna break the law, expect the punishment. Whether or not you decline an opportunity to get out of said punishment is another matter.

  Hich17  |  0

Good for you for taking the punishment instead of saying "Maybe I'll take you up on that date AFTER all." I can't imagine the shirt he would've tried to pull on that date.

"C'mon baby, I let you off with a warning..."

You're better off. FYL regardless, just because he changed his mind halfway through.

  muffintastic  |  0

Agreed with 56. If conversing is flirting, then everyone commenting is flirting, including you, 10. This is counting for conversation, we are REPLYING to what someone has SAID which is like CONVERSATION even if it's on the internet.

  ananamoose  |  0

I disagree with that comment on cops never get fired for anything, pretty sure those cops that kill people on purpose, use their power in the wrong such as what probably happened here, are douches, suck at being cops, shoot their partners in the foot, cry when bad guys tell them to leave, refuse to take a urine test because they have been hitting the crack pipe, dress up like women and take their bosses home and rape them when they are too drunk at a bar, if they are caught of course, as well as being douches, cops get fired and they probably always will get fired a statement saying cops never get fired is oh so wrong, just to let you know

  Kristoffer  |  35

Yeah cops get fired. There was a cop in my town (Ogden, UT) who was off-duty at a mall in Salt Lake City when some crazy guy whipped out a gun and started shooting people. That off-duty police officer whipped out his own gun and shot the lunatic dead, saving countless lives and being hailed as a hero.

A few years later, he was fired for "sexual misconduct" - I don't know the details, but it was something major, something that apparently happened before the incident in Salt Lake City.

  ChelseaAnn08  |  0

Yeah...we had a cop get fired for getting a 15 y/o pregnant, another for taking the money that was recovered from a drug bust, and another for using the drugs recovered in a drug bust, and another for taking bribes. Cops get fired too.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

I've heard of cops getting fired for being "racist". As in, a white male cop is out doing his patrol and sees something that is not right (Sees a crowd of people or something). The cop stops to see what is going on, and it turns out to be a crazy black man holding up a store filled with people, demanding money and whatnot. The cop announces himself, and tries to stop the man without shooting him, but the black man points his own gun at the cop. The cop, in order to save himself, and quite possibly the others in the store, shoots the guy in the leg/arm first to try to disarm him, but the crazy man is out of control and starts shooting at random. Cop is forced to go for the kill. When family/friends of the deceased is informed of what happened, they pull the racist card and cop is fired.

Obviously this isn't a true story, just an example of something similar I've heard. Cops generally aren't fired for things like the OP's situation (which is wrong), but they have a greater possibility of being fired if the racist card is pulled, regardless of whether or not the cop was in fact being racist or not.

  humorizer  |  14

Xo(whatever the rest is), the female sex card is much stronger than the racism card. Arabs are still being persecuted for their 'race'; women are not.

The worst that women get are comments that they're weaker than men. And I'll admit gender specific jokes/curse words (bitch, ho, slut, etc; can't drive, etc)

  fudgemeister  |  0

Most cops aren't pigs. You treating them like you think they are brings out the worst in everybody. If you are a jerk to someone, it's really hard not to respond in kind. I've only met one bad cop and the rest have been more than civil in all my incidents with them.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I agree with fudgemeister completely. There are always going to be some bad apples among the good ones, but that doesn't make them all bad. And if you treat someone like shit, why should you expect anything else in return? They're doing their job because you probably did something wrong in the first place.

  genius_man16  |  0

Someone has had bad experiences with cops. Either that or you're just dumb. But these fellows are right, most cops are genuinely nice guys who are doing a job that doesn't earn them any favors.

  FarSide  |  22

No, it is not Sexual Harassment, in any definition of the phrase. It is a case of Extortion, if the OP has credible proof. Why believe her automatically?

By  AndelleRae  |  9

I agree with the others. It's a long shot, but try to report him. That's disgusting, and illegal to boot.

It sucks that there are actually a lot of great cops out there that get a bad name because of douchebags like this one.