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  Today, I was playing my guitar outside my apartment building, and some people had put some money in my guitar case. One guy threw in what I thought was a crumpled piece of paper or something. It was actually a used condom. It leaked all over the money and my case. FML
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  nikki9tails  |  3

I'd bleach it and cover it with fabric or stickers or posters. I'd personally not touch it again but ya you need the case and probably not willing to buy another one

  kyliebear  |  15

Eww, this comment and OP's story are just gross. I mean, a used condom, that is just ... disturbing. But a guy sniffing dog sh¡t is also so wrong. I nearly threw up ! (: but I'm fine lol.

  jorrrdddinnn  |  1

I wonder if money goes through a sanitation process everytime it comes back to the government. (let's hope) I'm a huge germaphob. but, FYL I'd be mentally scared and never touch it again.

  lalala2589  |  0

It's a sad day when millions of people will stay at home and watch Jersey Shore, but very few people will give people with a real talent common respect or even attention.
Fuck people like him.
They're just a waste of space.

  lalala2589  |  0

If you hit someone with an acoustic guitar without breaking it, you might as well just tap them on the shoulder with a magazine. Those things are fragile, you wouldn't do any damage without breaking it.