By gross - 15/07/2011 01:09 - Canada

Today, I was playing my guitar outside my apartment building, and some people had put some money in my guitar case. One guy threw in what I thought was a crumpled piece of paper or something. It was actually a used condom. It leaked all over the money and my case. FML
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I saw a lady throw a bag of dog shit into a guitar case once and the guy sniffed it true story

eww what an ass. that's messed up.


I saw a lady throw a bag of dog shit into a guitar case once and the guy sniffed it true story

why did she just happen to have dog shit on her? and why was the guy in the FML carrying a used condom?

well.... Thats nice

nice original comeback , bro

#12 her dog did it's bidness and she picked it up in a bag and threw the bag I and he's like "what the hell is this" but he kept it

12 - Yeah if you can't think of something better to say, don't say anything at all. OP - That's revolting! Some people just have no shame!

12 - your not black. stop trying to be.

dudeitsdanny 9

I feel like I might be feeding the troll, but I'll go ahead anyways... How is #12 being black?

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Im just gonna say it. Although it sucks, OPs and 1's comments are awesome. FYL however.

iLOLatURpain69 7

Im just gonna say it. Although it sucks, OPs and 1's comments are awesome. FYL however.

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Hand sanitizer! :D kills 99.9% of germs...and bodily fluids...

I'd bleach it and cover it with fabric or stickers or posters. I'd personally not touch it again but ya you need the case and probably not willing to buy another one

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Well what about that 00.1%! Poor guy....

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Sad thing is, that's most likely not the most disgusting thing that has touched that money...

Eww, this comment and OP's story are just gross. I mean, a used condom, that is just ... disturbing. But a guy sniffing dog sh¡t is also so wrong. I nearly threw up ! (: but I'm fine lol.

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ew. people suck. e.o

so some guy just randomly had a used condom in his pocket to toss at someone?

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He could have come out of the apartment after mating with prostitutes.

Or hisself, and prefers to wear sanitary socks.

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LOLOLOLOL just wait till the jizz dries and spend the money quick. and maybe buy a new case or scrape the crusty jizz off your choice.

be123 6

eew. he probably had an STD

juicedboi 7

Why do people like that even exist? Seriously all you condom throwers out there, quit sharing my oxygen.

mduffy08 8

dis infectants kill 99.9% of germs. chuck Norris kills 100% of whatever the fuck he wants.

MagicGiraffe 12

if you were to find out his information I'm sure this can be classified as some sort of sexual harassment. Take it to the courts!

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57- that 00.1 percent is AIDS

eww what an ass. that's messed up.

that is just disgusting. I would have punched said person right in the face.

looks like op got found himself in a sticky situation

looks like op... (puts on sunglasses) should have protected himself. YEAHHHH! sorry for the shitty pun, 78 stole the one I wanted.

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I wonder if money goes through a sanitation process everytime it comes back to the government. (let's hope) I'm a huge germaphob. but, FYL I'd be mentally scared and never touch it again.

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yeah, you've touched money with dead pre-fetuses before.

Whatever! one has to question why OP was playing for money on the street, yet somehow has the means to post on this website. YDI!!

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@158 one has to question how monkeys learnt to speak english and use a computer, but here you are.

That is disgusting and rude. I'm sorry for you OP, I hope you have better luck soon.

What a classy gentleman.

What a sticky situation.

It's a sad day when millions of people will stay at home and watch Jersey Shore, but very few people will give people with a real talent common respect or even attention. Fuck people like him. They're just a waste of space.

you shouldve taken your guitar and thrown it at him! xD

but then how would he make more money?

just don't hit the guy to the point where the guitar breaks because that would be wasting a good guitar on a stupid ass.

If you hit someone with an acoustic guitar without breaking it, you might as well just tap them on the shoulder with a magazine. Those things are fragile, you wouldn't do any damage without breaking it.

5 You dumbass.

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Hahahahahaha. sorry. it was just way too funny. maybe it was worth a lot to him. maybe he hadn't had sex goer months and wanted to share!!! lol

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Ew, what a douche. Lysol asap!

I don't even think Lysol could help! :E

Dude, that's just gross.

flockz 19

maybe u shouldnt carry your guitar around in a garbage can...

That's really gross, he obviously has no class!