By nemi - Norway
Today, I was out having a beer with a few friends. After getting a pint, I slipped in a puddle of beer, fell on top of a stranger on the sofa, and knocked my beer upside down on my head. Then, completely soaked, I realized I'd also knocked over the table, spilling its content on a poor girl across it. FML
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  skroal  |  7

Like that house robbing FML, just imagine it all with Yakety Sax playing in the background.

It would be well worth all of the alcohol abuse.

  mattman1994  |  0

let's make a bet everyone, whose picture is he going to try and make fun of next? Text your answer in now!

Oh and about the high brightness thing... sunlight generally makes objects brighter

  baderier  |  6

lol fail.... I hate alcohol and will never ever drink any... but that's me, so I'm not gonna say something dumb like ydi cause it's not necessarily your fault... but I will still laugh at you :P


41 exactly you don't have a pic something is wrong here and aand I think she's pretty and I don't have a pic cuz i can't put it one on from my iPod and Idont have a computer


that scene is so awesome it makes me wanna sing. in fact I'll sing right now "if you wanna get down on these hairy balls...why dontcha jump right in. it's a crouch party up in here. why don't you lick this big ol joooiiint"