By nemi - 31/08/2010 22:33 - Norway

Today, I was out having a beer with a few friends. After getting a pint, I slipped in a puddle of beer, fell on top of a stranger on the sofa, and knocked my beer upside down on my head. Then, completely soaked, I realized I'd also knocked over the table, spilling its content on a poor girl across it. FML
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YDI for drinking. LOL jk, alcohol ftw!!

BelleElle_fml 5

That's like one of those accidents you see in a movie....

Umm, oops!

w2z1 0

Silly rabbit. Beer is for kids!

kieran247 0


KiddNYC1O 20

I said klutz!

haha that sucks. but it's hilarious nonetheless.

please tell me you got it on video

quite_bored 9

I think OP is Steve Urkle.

Alcohol ftw

I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis...stay thirsty my friends...FTW!

shhhitsasecret 0

a bit too much to drink perhaps??

kruzito 0

im tired of seeing #1's ugly face. she should have her face censored out.

kellanlvr 1

a poor girl? why was there a homeless girl hanging out with you?

that's cool 41, a spot just opened up in hell with your name on it

I hate homeless they need jobs.

thanks 54 :)

BoyFromTheFuture 0

"Did I Do That!" -Urkel win

42, I'm pretty sure OP meant that she had nothing to do with the situation but she got soaked anyways, not that she's homeless :/

the_flirtt 0

wow I'm guessing your a crazy drunk ? 35 I don't really care for dos equis

kruzito 0

you should know #54, you are as pale as a ghost. fyi, you're fooling anyone with the high brightness.

iSometimes 5

um...ghost are white o.o

Like that house robbing FML, just imagine it all with Yakety Sax playing in the background. It would be well worth all of the alcohol abuse.

Brittney_E 0

blame it on the a-a-a-no. fuck the little girl's and the hobos life! lol @ 61

let's make a bet everyone, whose picture is he going to try and make fun of next? Text your answer in now! Oh and about the high brightness thing... sunlight generally makes objects brighter

way to go Grace

im guessing you get "drunk" easily

well now you don't have to buy her a drink

justferfun 0

mattman I really like your eyes ... are you wearing contacts

lol fail.... I hate alcohol and will never ever drink any... but that's me, so I'm not gonna say something dumb like ydi cause it's not necessarily your fault... but I will still laugh at you :P

sucks! fyl

sexyscooter 0

#1 is kinda hot, remindz me of my ex tho... so imma havto agree please change ur pic, i still hate that girl

wow pitiful -.-

Yea reminds me of beer fest.

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41 exactly you don't have a pic something is wrong here and aand I think she's pretty and I don't have a pic cuz i can't put it one on from my iPod and Idont have a computer

you don't watch much tv do you 63?

iron_chefITALY 0

that's cute I remember when I had my first beer.

ahahah you win #2

Hey #2 last time i heard that one i laughed so hard i fell of my dinosaur.

Hey #52, the last time I heard that one was in a tavern in Bedrock.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

that scene is so awesome it makes me wanna sing. in fact I'll sing right now "if you wanna get down on these hairy balls...why dontcha jump right in. it's a crouch party up in here. why don't you lick this big ol joooiiint"

haha that sucks

peff_fml 6

Ef Her Life :D


they should make a new law "no drinking while driving"

"walking" my bad

Yeah my guess is that beer wouldn't be good while sitting for OP just in general that's a pretty Fail accident. Oh well ;P

sourgirl101 28

10 I know you corrected yourself but don't you already have that law?

sourgirl101 28

Nvm I guess you meant to say walk the very first time.(:

haha wow...and poor girl

shoulda had a v8.

MarkerofMagic 0

love your hair:)

52 doesn't have hair :p

MarkerofMagic 0

haha I ment 15:P but I love 52s eyes. dang they're sexy haha.

weird you say that I took this right after i woke up lol

70 that's odd... 73 You said that on a previous fml too didn't you? But yes your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it girl :)

MarkerofMagic 0

was joking lol:P. but your eyes are nice:)

Tasanasanta 0

Agreed on eyes and hair :)

thank u(: and 71 ur beautiful 2 no homo(:

MarkerofMagic 0

there is no 71. ^ ^

I haven't the slightest clue why I said 71 I meant 84 lol.

MarkerofMagic 0

haa:P love your sweatshirt:P

awe why thank you jessi :)

lol thx 122, I wore it for my sons 3rd birthday, he likes tigers lol

MarkerofMagic 0

haa awwww:) it's like a Tony the tiger hoodie:P

awhhh i feel bad. aat leat you landed on TOP of the girl ;]

ohh wait your a girll. well nevermind. fyl