By Michaelichael - 28/03/2009 20:17 - United States

Today, I was mowing the lawn of my brand new house, located in a very nice neighborhood (I am a hispanic male), and a lady in her nice white cadillac drove up and asked me, in extremely broken spanish, if I could mow her lawn too. FML
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i hate racism and stereotypes

You should have said yes and then wrote "Fuck You" across her lane with the lawn mower.


Wow man, that really sucks. You should have told her to go to a place I like to call carajo xD

How much do you charge per lawn? Must be a quite a lot for you to afford a house in a nice neighborhood.

what a bitch. that's so rude.

It was nice of her to try speaking in Spanish to you and not just in really slow English.

I hope you had some fun with her! She must have been completely embarrassed when you told her you had just bought the house!!

i hate racism and stereotypes

@ #2, go to hell you racist. You should have replied in perfect english: Mow your own lawn you white elitist.

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You should have said yes and then wrote "Fuck You" across her lane with the lawn mower.

#6 She probably wasn't embarrassed. More like horrified. Pretty soon there won't be any white people left in America. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate all Hispanic people, just the illegal immigrants. I'm assuming if he lives in a nice neighborhood he is here legally and has a decent job (probably not a professional lawn-mower) but some of us still like to live with our own kind. Its not racism, its a psychological concept called ethnocentrism. People (of all races) tend to want to be with others like them.