By Thumbsup - / Tuesday 2 April 2019 20:00 /
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By  Hempseed  |  18

Nice job publicly humiliating your boyfriend, you selfish bitch.
Probably shattered the poor guy's self-esteem.

He deserves better.

By  Hempseed  |  18

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  nymph0bia  |  21

Calm down, shrimp dick. We don’t know who this girl is or who her boyfriend is. OP has the right to vent and if she doesn’t like micropenises then she’s entitled to her opinion.


How did she publicly humiliate him? She posted an anonymous fml and never mentioned his name.
But because of your reaction I’m now thinking you either are the boyfriend or the not so proud owner of a micropenis.

  Hempseed  |  18

Don't see how my sex life is any of your business, sugarplum.
Sounds like you, on the other hand, have not had your bones jumped in quite some time.

You need a vibrator, or a tampon.
Take your pick.

  Hempseed  |  18

Also, kind of getting the vibe that you might be OP seeing as this appears to be affecting on you a deeper, personal level.

What with your level of hostility and all.

  melisssa87  |  30

Oh come on, sure Hemp was overreacting but it’s so out dated when you say Hemp is grumpy because she haven’t gotten laid. It’s bad enough for men to say it as soon as women get upset so can women stop saying that to each other too

  Hempseed  |  18

Overreaction, it may have been, but I'm just stating an opinion.
I just don't think it's fair on the dude that he's having an FML posted about him, whereas, if the shoe were on the other foot, and if OP were a dude posting about how small his girlfrend's tits were or how massive her clitoris was, I can bet you that the reaction would be totally different.

A lot more shit like "She should dump you", no doubt.

  Nhayaa  |  14

Difference is that you don't f*ck with your tits and clit... We just have to be honest here, size is not that important as long as it's not a micropenis.

  Johnny5  |  12

I mean fair point but it’s also fair to imagine the hate of it was reversed. How would you feel if it was a post about taking off a gf’s bra and being pissed her boobs were smaller than he expected.

  EmDizzle2007  |  26

its weird how these are "OK", but if the FML was about a guy complaining about the hairiness of his girl's twat or the size of her breasts not being to his liking, he'd be publicly fucking crucified. the like to dislike ratio of this comment is the pudding for this proof.