By Fonzie34 - 01/03/2010 02:42 - United States

Today, I was lobstering. While I was getting bands, my co-worker decided it would be funny to make a lobster pinch my ear. it was a 4 pound lobster, and my ear was swollen for 5 hours. FML
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I say unleash a 6 pound one on his nuts and see how he likes it :-P

I was not aware lobster could be a verb. Learn something new every day.


Peter_File 0

epic win for the co worker

im2good25 0

epic win for the lobster

tweetbaby14 18

mmmmm lobster. oh yea and you should of made one pinch the other persons face

There are much more painful places where you could make a lobster pinch him....

vrock 0

what an asshole

smack her with the lobster

FYLDeep 25

Or hire Mike Tyson to get him back.

fattypie101 0

suck it up

I say unleash a 6 pound one on his nuts and see how he likes it :-P

Asstazztic 8

You guys are immature for telling him to be just like this immature dick

the two of you are terrible that was a dick move but any pain to the balls is just too much I'd rather get pinched by a lobster on the ear than anything to the balls

btw swollen for 5 hrs isn't so bad at least it wasn't swollen for days op is a fast healer I guess

snickers what a waste of good food that would be £。bster ftw

I just visualized said FML. Your co-worker was right, it WAS funny. FYEL (E for ear)

mama2b3 20

chuck a lobster at his face! better yet, do cats enjoy lobster? if so throw a cat at him the cat should try to maul him if he smells like lobster which I'm assuming he would... awh i love how cats are so versatile, house pet to weapon in .4 seconds XD

can I have some snickerdoodles?