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  chyiochan  |  28

Don't even start pulling shit like that.
People deal with grief differently. Not everyone knows what to do when a loved one dies. People are weird, and act weird when someone dies. It's definitely something OP should have had a discussion about afterwards. OP could have left alone, but its her spouse. He should be there too. OP, I hope you guys spoke about how much that incident hurt you. Again, people are dumb sometimes and it just doesn't click.

  tounces7  |  26

It's not his mother. It's hers.

Regardless of how you spin it, it really doesn't justify him being a massively inconsiderate asshole towards her.

And I really don't care if it's jumping the gun but I'm just assuming he's narcissistic if he's concerned about looking good at a funeral.

  aje001  |  8

Or he was trying to be considerate (albeit failing) and was trying to make sure he showed respect for the occasion by trying to look his best.

By  Sam Fisher  |  12

How is this any different than the stereotypical female? (and trust me, I’ve met many women who live up to the stereotype, and none seemed to give a shit no matter what it was they were making us late for....one time my date for a friends funeral did this very thing except with practically a bloody dozen outfits, for us to be able to just make it as the refreshments and mingling started)