By 23yearoldtoddler - 18/05/2012 14:13 - United States

Today, I was jumped and savagely beaten to the ground by a group of six-year-olds wearing Disney princess masks. FML
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You should have offered them a poison apple or something and plays the part of the haggard villain

And they lived happily ever after


Look at the username

#1 we can assume by the name that op is 23 and a toddler. Sounds like to me OP, you were at the crappiest place on earth. Just's a small world after all.

Jumped by six year olds, right. More like, "Today, I had to babysit, fml." In that case, I hope it paid well OP, sounds like a nightmare.

maybe they were Disney representatives. Oh wait, Disney doesn't beat you.. they just take all your money.

Nobody asked you noor

^ Prepare to be buried.

88- it's called being nice... Don't be such a dick about it... Asshole...

You got gang raped by a group of 6 year olds... FOR FREE? Hey some of us have to pay for that kind of service.

120) what the fuck you sick bastard... and what if they were just midget girls in princess masks......? or OP is insanely weak

they start so soooo young. ;)

How were you "savagely" beaten by small children you should have been able to well beat the shit out of them with like your foot

No 1, how old are you?

#141 he..he's twenty three. If he had hurt even one of the kids and they decided to go cry to their parents, he could have been sued. even thougj the kids started it "mature adults are not allowed to hit minors" . No matter how deserving.

You should have offered them a poison apple or something and plays the part of the haggard villain

Maybe they were midgets -_-

The 7th one is on break, and Op got caught banging Snow White by the other 6

One thing I don't understand is how 6 year olds can savegely beat someone. Couldn't you just run away, or fight them off with a 2 foot stick?

Offering food, especially of a poisonous variety, to strange children is sure to land you in jail.

49 - You don't say!

49 - Only if you get caught. Not that I'd know anything about avoiding capture...

49- It's called a sense of humor. Get one. 52- This is one of the few times where that phrase is acceptable. Awesome timing. I personally prefer "No shit, Sherlock."

Maybe OP was Pedo Bear, and they found out he didn't actually have lollipops in his van, or a lost puppy.

Don't mess with them kids. They mean some serious business

You weren't raped too were you? Then you'll have problems.

I would never ever ever speak of this again with anyone

Sorry. Would saying at least you weren't sexually harassed by the kids, that would have been awkward, be any better?

Word. Its those anabolic cereals they chomp down every morning.

Little kids these days are vicious. I remember when i was chased by a mob Of 10 thrid graders, and my teacher that we were playing

I hate your picture bro! Its scary as hell!

Some children can just sense hostility OP...FYL

That and fear.... They smell fear, beware! :O

Am I making the right career choice in wanting to work with them?? Lol

That's the saddest thing I've heard today. Wow, F your life indeed.

Really? You probably don't watch the news much, it's nothing but

He was talking sad as in meaning that it was sad that a 23 year old toddler was beaten by children

Mvems, maybe you should already know that the word "sad" is pretty subjective. As such, a 23 yr old gettin beaten by prepubescent kids is sad to me. But most news is sensational and has tremendous spin, just like all the posts we so highly enjoy!

And they lived happily ever after

Where the hell do you live?!

Never never land. Apparently they thought he was a pirate. Should've never grown up.

Today me and my other little people friends put on some Disney princess masks and beat the shit out of this idiot

I rest my case with no.2's comment.

Thanks for letting us know that.

Starting at a young age... :/

Kids start everything at young ages nowadays. Drugs, sex and who knows what else. It's sad.

Now you know how Cinderella felt.

I think you mean snow white...but yeah