By brittbrat4 - 05/07/2011 00:25 - United States

Today, I was jamming out in my car, tapping my fingers on the wheel and bobbing my head. At the next stoplight, I happened to look over and the passenger of the car next to me was holding a sign in the window saying, "I bet you don't have a boyfriend, do you?" FML
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Fuck them! Enjoy your life (:

That's a pickup line I haven't heard before.


Fuck them! Enjoy your life (:

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Hold up a sign that says "I bet you don't have a life, do you?"

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I'd be like I'm to awesome for one and then flip the bird :)

She should enjoy her life but she should've wrote back "You either huh? That's why your writing this shit!" then with a big smiley face with the tongue sticking out.

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I would be like you wish u were me XD

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You'll never see them again, who cares? enjoy your life (:

27 if you would be like me an I wished I were you wouldn't I be "like me?"

To all the people saying she should have wrote back, what makes you think the OP had a sign just laying around? I'm curious why the other person had one, and enough time to write that out. Anyways, I agree with #1, you only get to live once. :)

45 okay but we were joking. Relax. Have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee.

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the were just hating on your singing skills. lol - fuck them. i do that all the time, i'm having fun living life & as long as you don't run over someone in the process sing your pretty little heart out. :)

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exactly dude you need to enjoy your life... I hope you read these because what you did was so fucking cute I woulda held up a sign saying "would you please go out with me". fuck that lame ass fool

41 - She missed the quotation marks. the 'logic' in your comment made it very confusing.

Who cares if you're in a relationship or not? You don't need to be in one in order to have fun in life right?

she probably was just listening to the wrong kind of music... all that pop and rap shit thats taking over the world... A7x & disturbed for life! XD

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she should have had a sign that said "I can't believe you would waste a sign just to say something like that. How the fuck did you even have enough time to write all this? Were you speed writing just to ask me a question I'm not going to answer? You must have no fucking life. So. Let me answer your question with another question. I bet YOU don't have a boyfriend, do you?" But of course OP would have to write REAAAAAALLLLLLLY fast.

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the thing is he wants to, but can't

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they're just showing you what people say to them

I bet they wrote it down in advamce for situations like these.

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hold your sign up saying "your boyfriends leaving you for me"....

Or write a sign saying "I'm getting some from yours"

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^^^ win

they would think I had no boyfriend, friends, or life, if they saw how I get down to music in the car. I bring the funk

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I'm sure you do...

And I'm sure you don't... Lighten up, geez. I look like a damn idiot when I'm alone driving around, they'd probably put me in a mental hospital if they didn't know I was singing along/dancing along/acting a damn fool along with some good ass music.

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ikr, its not like op's the only one.

17's just mad cuz her tits need two tin cans and a piece of string between them to remind each other that they're still there.

yes...please keep moderating my non-swearing indirect sarcasm, but not comments that are irrelevant to everything (like #11). makes sense.

I like how you moderators delete my shit as if it's the worst stuff that's ever been said on FML, lmao.

Totally. You just do your thing. On a slightly related note, whenever I pull up alongside some inconsiderate douche who thinks everyone in his immediate vicinity appreciates his blaring rock or metal music, I open my windows and blast some classical music. Organ is best, for that deep, earth-shaking sound. Sometimes they look sheepish, sometimes amused, but either way it's awesome.

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17 is rude ): I jam to my music when I drive. and when I get weird looks, I jam harder. nothing to be ashamed of, OP!

I plug in my iPhone and blare Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.

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#64 ... see that's why I love being me. If you blasted classical I would shut my music off and enjoy that instead. I love all music except for country. Literally anything. I have a friend and we go from listening to Eminem(who isnt a favourite) to some classical soundtracks from favourite films. It's great to say fuck you to everyone who listens to solely rap, and go ahead and listen to rap, electronic, dubstep, rock, 50s rock(a favourite), and classical etc. Let's pump that classical!

Em.. I know this is gonna sound really dumb..but what does OP mean?:-S

Osteoporoses Paralysis.

Keyman, it's nice to know I'm not alone in being "crazy" while driving alone. When I drive from Ontario to PEI, I boogie-on-down in the car. It helps pass the long drive.

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93 - Oversized Penis.

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ur hot we shoul txt eachother

I want to see

wow , I think your inconsiderate for calling people who listen to rock douche"s. go to he'll if you can't stand rock music.

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i understand this pain i listen to thrash techno and technical metal :P

That's a pickup line I haven't heard before.

Yeah....I think he was attracted to your mating dance.

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so that's when your girlfriend's head popped up from the passenger seat?

Who cares what they think! Theirs probably sad and lonely.

They're* damn iPhone.

yes make sure you fix that or the grammar nazis woooooooooo

might get you... stupid iphone :(...woooo :)

They'll get you too if you keep making mistakes like that! Be more careful!

29 that made me laugh! wooooo! haha!!

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I love that you cared enough to fix it.

that is the question.

I think most people probably do that.. so who cares...

So you don't have a boyfriend? No worries, it's not like you'll be alone forever.

Screw them! They obviously don't know one of the most important rules. Dance like nobody is watching.

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its ok cause u have a dildo