By Anonymous - 29/09/2011 17:44 - United States

Today, I was installing wireless surveillance cameras outside my workplace. Before mounting them, I pointed them around the building to make sure there was a good signal and picture. I got inside to the monitor just in time to see a kid steal one of the cameras. FML
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emmanizzer 6

Well now you have video evidence!

iPikaSaurus 3

Well at least they work!


iPikaSaurus 3

Well at least they work!

Some kids are just little fuck ups.

Remove the "some" from your sentence and you'd be correct ;)

1 not the greatest way to find out they work. :P

crazy_whitechick 6

Not all kids are fuck ups.

but 10 is obviously a fuck up

15 some kids are actually well behaved

dammit I meant 15!!!

I recommend installing remotely activated C-4 to the cameras. Someone's gotta teach these kids a lesson

Cleverly disguise blocks of semtex (more powerful than C-4) as bricks, and the rest is history... Explosive history.

tjv3 10

that my friend is irony

better than catching them stealing your laptop :]

rayrae24 5

That sucks.

emmanizzer 6

Well now you have video evidence!


so ur going to let a kid jack your shit?!

I would let anybody take my stinky SHIT

I wouldn't:). Did you know that president bush had people that had to specially take care of his shit so it didn't get in the wrong hands?

the camera mightn't have been recording. but at least you can ID them...

Since when do kids have IDs ?


That's why they needed the cameras in the first place.

I don't know how this is an fml

Or just pit mines in the parking lot.

*face-palm* Put*

Pit mines sounds good too

Maybe with some stakes as well

Kids suck, nothing new.

That very stereotypical of you, not all kids suck, and also suck what? Bananas? Oreos? Apples?


Weren't you a kid once 5?.....

slushpup9696 12

Actually 39, 5 was always a boring old man. That's how he was born.

Benjamin Button?

When I was in a stroller I would steal things I was born a bad ass HELL YEAH!

cool story bro..

48, you kinda look like chucky...

52 ..tell that at a party sometime.

Overused comeback bro.

48- Oh yeah! Stealing things is so BAD ASS! Don't you just love spending time in jail? I bet your ass will feel reeeal bad after that.

13FTW 9

Hey 57, cool story bro.

Im2Handsom 1

We learn by mistakes...

That's why you never buy wireless! With a wire, he would have been like a dog on a leash.

That's why you electrify things. They're like bug Zappers for shit kids

Mount it on the same spot... wired to a boobytrap,

That made my day

But... It's supposed to be WIRELESS!

That's the surprise effect!

every1luvsboners 11

So the joke is on him.....right? You can see see exactly where he's going. What an idiot.

bizarre_ftw 21

The connection was probably cut..... Then again, it could've been wireless :/ but after a while the signal will likely fade.

Time to read the FML again, bizarre.

slushpup9696 12

37 reading comprehension fail. OP already said wireless. Anyway, maybe the kid put a bag over the camera or something.