By Anonymouss - 25/06/2015 03:54 - United States

Today, I was informed, after being broken up with, that my girlfriend's father only set her up with me so that she would have more motivation to shower on a regular basis. He actually yelled at me for being broken up with. FML
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I would think you would notice that she stunk horribly before you dated her...

Father: Cathy I brought you a present. A boyfriend! He works for me. Say hello to Gene! Daughter: Hi Gene! You are gorgeous! Father: Yes Cathy, your right.... hygiene. Hygiene!


plot twist i didn't see coming

Actual plot twist: he stunk worse and thats why he got dumped.

I don't see why the bitch won't shower regardless.

I don't see why you need to refer to someone you don't know in such a derogatory and crude manner.

Guess you can rest easy knowing she'll get him back for yelling at you by stinking the place up OP

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Showering is one of my main ways of relaxation, I don't know why people need motivation to do it...

It's not relaxing for everyone lol

Unfortunately, people don't realise resisting hygiene is a major symptom of depression. Their father should seek the reasoning for them not showering first, before trying to set them up with OP.

fpants2010 18

Well now you can find someone who will treat you better, and she'll be stuck smelling like low tide :)

Got to love a dirty woman!

I could not imagine not showering after a long day and to wake up in the morning,I can't understand not showering,especially ladies,that's just gross.

Why especially ladies? Isn't it basic hygiene for everyone?

lol I think she says especially women because of the female anatomy... it's hotter and wetter therefore more bacteria to grow that showering helps with ;)

Men literally have gentials that rub together all day.. Your comment makes no sense?

I would think you would notice that she stunk horribly before you dated her...

Maybe that's because, unlike what most Americans seem to think, people don't actually stink when they happen to not feel like taking a shower every day.

What if I told you some do.

that's so unsanitary

lily05_fml 16

Forget her and her father you deserve better let her rot in her own smell

Dumped by the smelly chick. That's a new low.