By peedonme - 22/02/2011 00:23 - New Zealand

Today, I was in the toilet. Some idiots thought it was funny to throw a water balloon into the cubicle. The balloon didn't pop, but fell in the toilet sending my own urine onto my shorts. I had 4 hours left of school. FML
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Hahaha the weirdest stuff happen in public bathrooms.

yayforcheesecake 0

you were inside a toilet?


It was funny. You know you wanted to laugh but it would have bewn awquard to be laughing while your taking a shit.

IphonFML 6

atleast he had good aim?

I_R_Genius 3

What is this 'bewn' and 'awquard' you speak of?

Seeing as though you're from New Zealand, a little piss on your pants is the least of your worries at the moment

why were you in the toilet to begin with?

Gabbymcbride 2

Uh it says he was peeing? Get your facts straight.

OceanBreathesSal 5

54 most guys use the urinal to pee, not the toilet.

most guys don't sit when they pee..

jesss_x 0

most people don't sit IN the toilet.

jesss_x 0

also, it doesn't say he was sitting. the water balloon would be less likely to make it in the toilet if he was sitting.

maybe he hadn't crapped yet...

haha poor you :P you get paid out whole day?

Hahaha the weirdest stuff happen in public bathrooms.

So true! Some girl I've never met asked me my sexuality in a public bathroom

yayforcheesecake 0

you were inside a toilet?

this was so stupid but it made me laugh :D

Weird wording OP chose

Many other countries refer to the bathroom as the toilet. it's not weird wording just because they don't speak exactly like Americans.

JustinThunder 8

No, no, no. He clearly states that he is in fact, IN a toilet.

firegecko123 0

this is exactly what I was thinking.

that's what I thought! like WTF! you mean you were sitting on the toilet? haha

well shorts don't take 4 hours to it's not all bad, just saying.

Moo_Horse 0

but theres the pee smell that stays

skyttlz 32

You were IN the toilet?

milakitty21 0

I go IN the toilet all the time. makes for a better experience.

well they would dry but still smell like pee. I would recken going comando

*Reckon *Commando Spellcheck or, you should read about them.


Going commando means going without underwear. I fail to see how that will help OP...

bizzylizzy 0

classic :)

I would've beat the living shit outa those fools

ElectricGhost_fml 5

I would have been sooooo mad!!! sorry that happened!! -_-