By Anonymous - 26/09/2010 03:00 - United States

Today, I was in the bathroom stall when a man made eye-contact with me through the cracks. I quickly looked away, and about a minute later I looked back to see if he was gone. He was still there and was actually trying to keep making eye-contact with me while I pooped. FML
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Creeper much? You should have kicked at the door and put a knot on his forehead...but that's just me.

Thts a poopy tom instead of a peeping tom. Lmao


Creeper much? You should have kicked at the door and put a knot on his forehead...but that's just me.

I don't think the other guy was pressed up against the door...

ydi for pooping in public

#18 When you gotta go, you gotta go...

YDI for having to poop and YDI for having eyes.

bombaclot on his face!!

oh and fyi, you should of challenged him to a game of 'battle shits'

bombaclot is a cunt or pussy

was he a republican senator ?

Just stuff the cracks with toilet paper.

haha ikr 51 ?

my comment was to #29

tweetbaby14 18

you should've put your butt up to the crack where his eye is and pooped.

Eternal win by 51!

that is beyond wrong WTF is happening to people!! >:|

51 just made my day


Creeper status right there

I want to know what you said that got you moderated

Thts a poopy tom instead of a peeping tom. Lmao

Hehe. I loĺd

Ok, that was a lame comment but it made me laugh really loudly. xD

pooping tom would have been more clever.

If OP is under the age of 18 yeah... And is anybody else annoyed about how openly words like "pedo" and "rape" are used? Today the words appearently have different meanings than they did when i was a kid.

I'm curious about this as well.

I think #42 means that they're used wrongly, jokingly and too commonly nowadays. Some examples . . • #7 called the creeper a pedophile, but he didn't know the man or the Op's age. • A lot of people scream out the word rape in public as if it's a joke. • Some people confuse the words rapist, pedophile, creeper, etc. with each other; thus using them wrong.

I think people have been doing that for a long time. I don't think that's a new development.

Eh, maybe, maybe not.

People have more of an opportunity for more people to see it, that's all. I know plenty of people that are older that will say it was pretty common in their day.

It was pretty common to wrongly or jokingly use those words in their day? If so, I think that's really sad. I feel like those words aren't as serious as they're meant to be anymore. In my opinion, words like that shouldn't be used jokingly, and most people should know exactly what they mean.

Agreed. People are ignorant.

actually, standing for a minute looking at someone through the crack of a bathroom stall can be considered a felony.

... punch him out?

I bet you winked at him.

I would start jacking off and bust one through the crack into his eye hahahah


40 stole my comment :(

haha, HEAD shot XD

I'm sure that exactly what the guy was looking for.

#40 made my life.

epic win #40 lmfao

He probably wasn't looking at your eyes. Did you acknowledge this weirdness with a strange, puzzled look back at him? or is that not proper manners when eye gazing through the glory hole? lets face facts, you were hogging the glory hole and he was getting impatient. rude, very rude.

Accidentally making eye contact with someone at inopportune moments is awkward to the max.

-accidentally makes eye contact with you-

#16 *Looks away awkwardly*

Is it awkward to stare incessantly?

#37 I guess it depends on whether or not the incessant staring is wanted... :P

Well, is it? I've been staring at you for awhile now.

I'm going to take that as a yes! Muahaha!

OK! Anyone else want to stare at me, while staring at nerds? If you stare long enough, we'll take off!

I know. That's why I want to take them off. My feet are getting sweaty! I bet you're getting really hot and bothered now, aren't you?

Will you do it slowly...and make it sexy.

Is there a way to take your shoe off sexy?

22, you're really pretty and I swear I have that same shirt. Just thought I'd let you know :)

Whoa! I love how this whole conversation took place while I was obliviously and blissfully asleep. Haha. :P FFML_314, you can stare at me as long as you'd like! Although I don't mean that in a creepy way...I think. Thanks, CitrusGirl! :D It's actually a dress...

You shld've started flingin shit at him