By yuck - 21/06/2009 04:19 - United States

Today, I was in the basement at my grandma's house. The bathroom is on the ground floor and there's a laundry chute that goes down to the basement. I looked through the chute to see if the bathroom light was on. A pair of shitty underpants came down and landed in my face. They were my grandma's. FML
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LMFAO Hahahahahahahaha. That's hilarious, and so sick. Did you puke?

That's really shitty.


LMFAO Hahahahahahahaha. That's hilarious, and so sick. Did you puke?

shit happens. literally

jason2468 0

U ALL LOST THE GAME!!!! hahahahahaha

Ok calm down, 61.

Bruh stfu that was probably the biggest “accomplishment” of your life, no one cares, you are worse than then cunts that say “first!!!!!”

That's really shitty.

ha ha ha!!!! that was dumb e___e

2: Took the words right out of my mouth.

That's really shitty. EDIT: #2 omg you wrote the exact same thing as me xD

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Well technically you wrote the same thing as him :-D

That is fucking nasty.

Safety first Mr! You should have been wearing goggles and a face mask. I would rather inhale asbestos than have that happen to me.

Not everyone anticipates this.

Why would anyone do that?

SweetestSin 4

What a shitty situation. I pray your mouth wasn't opened

Why did you want to know if the light was on, trying to see your grandma piss? I can understand MILFs, but GILF?

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Dude, sick!

Probably checking to see if anyone was in the bathroom or if she'd have to wait to use it.

You need to get your grandma some diapers!