By afafakfhsg - 19/02/2011 00:19 - United States

Today, I was in bed, about to fall asleep, when I remembered something funny. While trying not to laugh, I started grunting and biting my lip, when suddenly my brother walked by my door. He refuses to believe that I wasn't masturbating. FML
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Trying to use fml to help in your cover story is a horrible plan.

...So lying in your bed laughing automatically means you're masturbating?


There’s something wrong with your bro if he chooses not to believe your story and continue believing you were masturbating. If my daughter told me that id try everything i could to forget, but then again my daughter is meg

haha awesome ^

I refuse to believe that you weren't masterbating

Lol television references. It's mastur by the way, it even says it in the FML -_-

and I refuse to believe that margarine is not butter.

I refuse to believe her brother didn't walk in and offer her sexual relief.

...So lying in your bed laughing automatically means you're masturbating?

Maybe she was grunting too much and too loud. She might as well have laughed.

well IM laughing :)

hahaha that's what u get for holding in a laugh I guess hahaha

if you hold in a laugh someone will always question you, they may not think youre masturbating, but the questions will happen :)

Trying to use fml to help in your cover story is a horrible plan.

I was thinking the same thing.

I have a talking cat too!

HAHAHAHAAHAHA I'm actually laughing out loud at that one....hoo hoo Hee Hee.... *sigh*

this happens to me a lot, but people don't think I'm masturbating. fortunately =P

or you think so...

Now go and masturbate, maybe your brother will think you're laughing! Its a win-win situation!

I think your brother heard you, and wanted to see it so he walked in. I'd watch out for him

I wouldn't believe you either.

Haha tell him don't be jealous just because you will go blind and I won't :D

You don't go blind from masturbating. -.-

Why would you bother trying not to laugh? If it was because you didn't want to wake up or disturb others, obviously they were already awake.

maybe so that he wouldn't wake himself up because he was on the verge of sleep? btw, your picture is cool. :D

Maybe someone's a light sleeper and the OP was trying to be considerate.

Maybe, it's because people who laugh to themselves, without reading FML or watching TV, appear to be crazy. At least, that's what my invisible friend and I have discussed.