By Karen - / Monday 31 August 2009 14:48 / United Kingdom
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this isn't really an FML though. awkward, yes, but also funny. it's not really like it was a serious incident; the lady can just putt he wig back on and it is unlikely they will every see each other again.


Today, I was hurrying for the bus home from work. It was raining and some inconsiderate woman rushed by a friend and I and hit me with her umbrella. It knocked my wig off. FML

  hkguy  |  0

FHL more like - we should look out for another FML shortly saying "Today, I took the bus and it was raining and this guy ripped my wig off my head" ...

By  BadOwner  |  0

they should really change the name from fmylife to f my life today because im to insecure to get over my problems. soon, fmylife.com will just be "today i dropped a bag of chips. fml" WE ALL HAVE GOOD FMLs THAT NEVER GET PUBLISHED! FTL

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