By ohdeargodthatswrong - 09/01/2010 13:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend when my dad pulled up to pick me up from his house. My dad beeped his horn and my boyfriend opened his bedroom curtain, knocked on the window, and waved. While he was still inside of me. FML
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at least your father and he get along.

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Or she/her family can't afford to buy her a car. Or her boyfriend picked her up so she didn't have her car. Or they walked there after school. Or it was just more fuel efficient for her dad/mom to drop her off on their way to someplace else and then have the dad pick her up on his way home/to run errands. Plenty more reasons for her to be picked up by her dad that do not suggest she's less than sixteen.


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no one gives a shit. I'm pretty sure that # 1 shows ur first. and yeah OP ur boyfriend is my idol

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at risk of being a hypocrite myself, I believe that yelling at people that say "first" is even more pointless than saying it in the first place.

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: )

at least your father and he get along.

Haha, no fml and no ydi either imo..

shit. You're boyfriend is a dumbass! Dump him and find someone with brains.

Dumbass? At least it makes it seem they're not up to anything naughty, gives them time to get dressed and stuff, because no father would ever imagine that the boyfriend would be having sex with gis daughter if he was openly making communication. Also, you're rude. "I left my boyfriend because he beat me" "I left my boyfriend because he cheated" "I left my boyfriend because he was controlling." and then here's you "I left my boyfriend because he waved at my dad and possibly bought us time to not get caught and keep me from being in trouble." Seems like YOU'RE the dumbass if anyone is.

Your boyfriend isn't very bright, is he? I hope that (to your dad) it just looked like he was shirtless... if not, that's very akward!

that's guy is my nigga

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um may I remind you YOUR GETTING LAID!!!!!! it's not fyl

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Does one error soften the impact? Pun fucking intended.

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WTF ! is he dumb ?