By thatescalatedquickly - United States - Collierville
  Today, I was having sex for the first time with a girl who wanted to be friends with benefits. Halfway through sex she noticed that I had the same tattoo as her brother, and had a full-on panic attack that lasted half-an-hour. FML
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  negb  |  30

I agree with 99.

But I also think OP is probably exaggerating when he says "panic attack".

I think any chick (myself included) would be a bit weirded out if you're having sex with a dude and during it, you notice the same tattoo. Especially if her brother has had that tattoo for quite some time.

By  SherlockWho  |  6

Sorry OP, she should have known somehow. FYL

  SirMichael  |  13

Even if it's in the same place she lives with her brother or did at some point. It's quite likely that she's seen him atleast partially naked on accident or her brother might have shown off his tattoo to her.

  Xalandra  |  17

78 if someone is naked and having sex with you, noticing something on your body doesn't mean you're not pleasuring them well. You're bringing your naked bodies together. I'm pretty sure they're gonna notice stuff about and on your body wether you're fully pleasing them or not.

  noir_heart  |  8

I don't know about anyone else, but I automatically thought of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse happens most commonly between family members. And it seems quite likely if she had such a big panic attack over it.

The psychologist in me says this might be an indication of trauma given the context the tattoo was revealed in. I can't see a whole lot of other reasons to be disturbed by two people having the same tattoo. Unless she's phobic about coincidences.

  bayliebug  |  14

#52 Yeah, maybe. But random things have popped up in my head during sex. I've had to think about my parents (whether or not the sound I heard was one of them coming home, what they'd feel if they accidentally walked in). It didn't cause me to have a panic attack, though I do have a panic disorder. I just kept going and brought my mind back to what was happening at the time.


I'm studying to be a psychologist, and although you may be right..... I think she was just creeped out that they had the same tattoo. You don't always have to over think things.