By Anonymous - / Saturday 12 December 2009 09:28 / United States
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By  liquidbunny  |  0

it didnt necessarily have to be the aloe the op was allergic to it could have been one of the dozens of chemicals in the lip balm. But then again allergic reactions can happen suddenly.

  Peroxide  |  3

Man: Hey, sir! Try our wax lips: the candy of 1000 uses.

Homer: Like what?

Man: One, a humorous substitute for your own lips.

Homer: Mm hmm, keep going.

Man: Two, er...ooh, I'm needed in the basement!

By  thebootyfaerie  |  0

Hm... as someone who is just mildly allergic to aloe, I'm surprised that you didn't know already. That stuff is in everything nowadays, so I doubt that this is the first time you've run into the issue.

I'm not going to call fake, but I am going to call "suspicious." Or this is a few years old, before they started putting aloe in everything (lotion, tissues, lip gloss, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.).

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