By annonoymus - Australia
Today, I was having an in depth discussion with my girlfriends father about how corrupt journalists are and how our town's paper is the worst paper on the planet. After insulting basically everything about the newspaper, I asked him what he did for a living. He's the editor of the newspaper. FML
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By  idkweird  |  0

Why bring up or express such charged opinions during your first time meeting your gf's dad? There is no need to get into that kind of discussion the first time you meet.

  woofis  |  0

well obviously he has the same opinion unless he was disagreeing, unless u are one of those idiots who ramble on about something and no one is paying attention and u call it a conversation...

  jt0070  |  0

maybe when talking to someone you know nothing about you should actually let them speak.... then you can avoid jackass situations like this

  Pandacharm  |  0

unless Ofc it's a public service . I appauld OP for that, making his gfs dad will become a better editor and go yell at ppl for the mistakes mentioned lol

  afatmonkey  |  0

I know. One time, I had tooth surgery and the pain killers made me feel kina out of it, when my roommate asked if I liked Micheal Moore. I said yes, not thinking, and fell asleep on the couch. The next morning I went to check my Email, and when I saw the screen I screed and chucked my laptop out if my window. He had made my screensaver Micheal Moore completely naked and spreading his cheeks to the camera. I doubt I will ever fully recover.

By  HappyFishh  |  0

why did you have to argue with him so intensly? i mean, if you don't know what his job is, then you probably don't know him very well. and considering he decides if you get to date his daughter or not, you shouln't piss him off. YDI, and good luck with kissing the guy's ass x)