By thyisnothorses - United States - Scituate
Today, I was grounded by my mom because I had slept in past 11, when she wanted me to wake up at seven to do chores. According to her logic, I should have seen the note she left on the counter earlier this morning. FML
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By  ceilingfans  |  1

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  happle  |  21

Once my mom told me she wasn't going to take me to school fifteen minutes before it started since I hadn't cleaned the kitchen properly. I walked, or rather ran, to school and was 30 minutes late. -_-

  Michael_92  |  20

Okay I'm having a hard time who are you agreeing with? You cant say the mom is stupid and you should have seen the note then to top it if FYL...makes NO sense.


ok u just failed.. first you say that the loguc failed and then she should have seen the note... that makes no sence.. second how is she supposed to read a note in her sleep

  airforce987  |  20

So do surprise Allied invasions while your on vacation, eh Rommel? :D

(for non-WWII people, D-Day occurred June 6th, 1944, right when Rommel, the German commander who was supposed to be in charge of the defense of the Normandy coastline, was on vacation in Germany.)

  Rommel1942  |  9

Plus Rommel not being there had nothing to do with it. Hitler didn't release the panzer reserves so that led to Normandys downfall. Otherwise Normandy wouldn't have been lost

  airforce987  |  20

Bah, if Rommel was there on the 6th, he wouldve said, "fuck Hitler's orders, give me my panzers!" von Rundstead couldn't get Hitler to release them (because Hitler was not to be woken!), but Rommel wouldn't even have bothered with Hitler at all.

  Demonfish  |  14

Personally, I'd rather be grounded than woken up by a howler... The screaming and bursting into flames thing is just too much to handle first thing in the morning.... :L