By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I was getting ready, when I heard my dad in the shower. He was singing along to the song "The Wheel in the Sky" by Journey. Except he'd changed the lyrics and was singing, "The dick on this guy needs a rubbin'." It turns out my mom was in the shower with him. FML
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  Palirose  |  22

Lol I get why a lot of people don't like the idea of their parents having sex but it's natural. You aren't going to see it as gross when you're their age and you're doing it with your spouse. Lol When my parents did it, I didnt care i just shrugged it off and gave them their privacy. Lol i sometimes think a lot of people over react xD

  CrissyyyS2  |  22

Yes, if you catch them in any "action" of course you find it disturbing. But hey, it's nature. Be glad your parents are still together and still have that "sex life". Others don't get that kind of love anymore.