By cutiepatootie - 03/01/2010 05:04 - United States

Today, I was getting ready for a party and accidentally knocked my blender off the counter. After taking a half an hour to clean up all the glass, I went upstairs to get the spare blender I keep in the closet. I tripped, and broke the blender. I just applied for a waitressing job. FML
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You had a SPARE blender?

You have a spare blender? For blending emergencies? That's hardcore.


Wow your life really does suck. You should take some hardcore ballet lessons ...

FYL for having a spare blender

ydi for not having a good college education and working as a waitress instead of a job that will actually get you somewhere in you life

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haha that totally fails ;)

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51- OP could be in college or university and is looking for a job to pay tuition ect

lexiieeex3 32

51- That I'd the rudest, most insulting thing I have ever seen on this site. You're an asshole .

You had a SPARE blender?

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Really though! Who has spare blenders? And YDI for having such cheap blenders. I've dropped mine countless times (and I am a server...they stopped calling them waitresses back in the 90's by the way) and it never breaks.

Lol really, a spare blender. Do you have a spare refrigerator as well? Oh and to the trolls... Yeah, I'm aware it could have been a gift or something, but the word use is absolutely hilarious. Spare blender.

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I'm digging the spare blender. And what's "hardcore ballet?"

a waitress is someone who takes the order. a server is a person who brings out the food.

#39 watiresses take the order AND serve it. Take Hooters for instance, she TAKES the order then SERVES it to you but not before sayin "Hi, I'm Sara, I'll be your waitress today."

actually, server is the politically correct title, as opposed to waitress or waitor in my neck of the woods, you call a guy server a waitor and you get skinned so, server = waitor/waitress

hahahahahahahahah who the fuck has a spare blender?

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Actually, if there is a person who is bringing out the food who is not your designated waiter they are called a 'food runner.' Not a server.

maybe it wasn't a spare just like an old one

Does it really fucking matter?

who the fuck calls it a server

perdix 29

That "server" shit has been going on for a few years now. If the waitress is a cute girl and says, "I'll be your server tonight," I ask, "So, can I have your IP address?" Nerd humor, FTW! And they laugh if they want a tip :D

firepixie17 0

Why does someone have to be forced to listen to your lame joke for a tip...that's pretty cruel. So you're saying that if someone bent over backwards to give you awesome service but they didn't laugh at your joke because it's dumb, that you would leave them a crappy tip?

Good joke #11, I lol'd.

perdix 29

Jeez, firepixie, it's not like the joke takes more than 5 seconds to tell, and it's not like I'll stiff her unless I get a guffaw or a howl. Calm the fuck down!

ummm... Pretty much everyone who works in the "food service" industry... Ironically enough...

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I worked in the food service industry and we didn't call it a server where I worked, I would classify the job I had when I worked at a restaurant as a waitressing job, I worked at that restaurant last year, and am trying to get another waitressing job. Server is more for the males working in the industry and the people working at like fast food joints.

Aw! I had a spare blender, too! :D I got it as a gift when I moved out because my father didn't want it anymore, even though I had my own new one. Needless to say I used the old one until it broke, and when it did, I was prepared! To the OP, maybe you have an inner ear thing that's putting you off balance? Get it checked out(if being clumsy is a new development that is)! :C

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gurl u be trippin' lol jk :)

I bet you can't wait. dohohohohoho

You have a spare blender? For blending emergencies? That's hardcore.

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yea i agree with 5. @3 wut the fudge are you talking about? I guess while I was sleeping somehow ever resturant in the world went bak in time but nothing else changed. I still say waitress.

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The future's look'n bright