By Embarrassed - United States
Today, I was getting a spray tan and realized I didn't have a hair tie, so I used a thong instead. I lost track of time and realized I needed to go pick up my daughter. I threw on my clothes, drove to pick her up, went to the store, and went for ice cream... thong still in my hair. FML
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  shannonreneee  |  11

Not all tans turn out ridiculously brown or orange. A lot of models require them by clients, and it is a better alternative than laying out for hours on end in the sun. Increasing chances of premature aging and skin cancer.

  eb0ny  |  15

The hive mind of this website is so anti-spray tan that its ridiculous. Many fake tans look pretty natural and not orange at all. If someone wants to get a spray tan because that's how they want their own skin to look, they shouldn't be ridiculed for it and called an "oompa loompa".

  ICastillo  |  24

Well I guess it's not a party unless you wake up with your underwear on your head.

But what would you do, if you woke up with your underwear in the right place and some skid marked tighty whities on your head?