By peeved - United States
Today, I was forced to attend a fire safety class, as required by my job. Last year, I completed the fire academy as a volunteer fireman. The class was not only insulting, but wrong in many ways. I got kicked out for pointing them out. I now have to take it again, or be fired. FML
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  cockoftherock  |  0

really is:
learning how to better fight fire so you can avoid being fired from a job that requires you to know how to fight fire so you won't get fired. now that's too cool >•<

  Zebidee  |  8

I had this with a uni course on the area I work in. The course material alternated between misleading and demonstrably wrong.

I sucked it up, passed the course, then crucified it in the feedback.

  beaker38  |  5

I doubt that. when I took my 96 hour course to be certified to go into burning buildings they actual teach you the right stuff so you don't get killed. also in my Chemistry class I corrected the teacher after class on her mistakes on fire safety. no one wants to be corrected by a student in front of the class even if their wrong.

  withered  |  30

#9 Agreed. I don't know if OP is just a smug idiot who couldn't catch up with the updated information/different reactions in different situations or they actually got it that wrong. I would rather believe it's the first than believe that they are misleading people. And to be honest, I had more experience with the first rather than the 2nd.

  Zebidee  |  8

I like that video where they pour liquid oxygen on a BBQ!

To be honest though, the best domestic grease fire thing I ever saw was a Japanese invention called 'fire flowers'. They look like tulips about three feet long, and magnetically hang off the fridge. When there's a grease fire, you hold them by the stem, put the flower in the fire, and it turns into an extinguishing foam. Brilliant.

By  explodingmuffint  |  0

one thing they teach you (Atleast in my experience) is that you shouldnt publicly impose what you think is right on the instructors, you need to go to a fire safety officer and report it.

By  i_am_evil  |  7

You probably insulted whoever was trying to teach the class. No one likes to have their authority undermined, especially if you look like the firemen depicted in those calendars. You've seen those calendars, right? The only thing worse than being corrected in front of a room of people is being corrected by someone way better looking than you.

  pink_insanity  |  0

If the person teaching fire safety class was a fatass then yes I can see why OP was thrown out of the class. I've always had problems with people worse looking than me. I am perfectly nice to them ALWAYS but they always have a problem with me. Interestingly enough, people who are equally or more good looking than me are always nice.