By Anonymous - 06/01/2011 06:34 - United States

Today, I was feeling sick but went into my waitressing job because I'd already missed 3 days this week. I was dizzy and managed to spill a tray of drinks all over the customers. Then, when their food was done, I tripped and spilled hot chili all over the man's lap. FML
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WHY do some people insist on going to work when they're sick? It's counter-productive. I don't want your germs and I'm pretty sure not many others do either. ydi

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I generally agree, but some people can't afford not to work so they drag themselves in when sick. They gamble that the probability of them screwing up or infecting others is low.


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I wonder if they tipped her...

RedPillSucks 31

Well, if he has an ugly dick, makeup would be called for. Perhaps some Paris Hilton makeup.

I'll say I admire your work ethic as long as the three days were due to illness. but honestly this was kind of on your manager as well. you shouldn't have been handling food or working around food if you're sick, and he/she should have been paying attention and sent you home. but honestly, think about it next time. would you be thrilled if your waitress dumped stuff on you cuz she was so sick she was dizzy? probably not, just take another day off.

perdix 29

Greed is good. Or so you might think. Your desire/need for money trumped your common sense that should tell you handling the public's food while disease-ridden is a bad idea. If you didn't lose your job on the spot, you're definitely one step closer to it. Plus, you also damaged your restaurant's reputation by being so thoughtless.

TheDrifter 23

Especially if it's the flu or something airborne and infectious. If it's something sexually transmitted you still should have stayed home but it's not as bad.


traze 7

Common sense states " If you ain't feeling well stay the fuck home", but I guess common sense ain't so common.

If you were sick you should've stayed home...I'm sure that if you were sick those first three days that your boss would understand.....well if they were smart and not a complete think YDI for going to work as a waitress handling food while sick. If you weren't fired next time use a little more common sense.

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new job?

Some places you can get fired for too many days missed even if you have a Drs note. Or that's how it is at the call centers in Canada anyway :/

usnwife 18

call centers are a bit different than food service. it's hard to infect someone over the phone, not the case when handling their food. I would go to work sick if I sat alone on the phone all day, NOT if I was handling other peoples food!

Should've stayed home. Idiot. If they fire you for being sick longer than they want, then it's not the type of management that deserves anyone's support anyway. With luck they'll go out of business.