By coughandcold - United States
  Today, I was feeling sick and having trouble breathing easily. I decided to take a nap and apparently ended up sleeping with my mouth wide open since breathing was an issue. I woke up to my boyfriend trying to put his penis in my mouth. FML
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By  Jessica19374698  |  0

Necrophilia means they fuck dead people.
She was napping, not eternally sleeping.
And how would she know that he was into invading sleeping girls' mouths? Honestly. Not her fault at all.

But wow, that's pretty disrespectful! I would definitely make him wallow in his guilt and then have him apologize.

  rinzlerkitty94  |  31

Actually, any time that full and complete consent is not given, it's rape. People have been raped by their spouses before, it's hard to argue that in court, but it happens. And if one person isn't able to give consent to any sort of sexual contact, it's rape.