By StomachofTinfoil - 24/11/2014 01:59 - United States - Bar Harbor

Today, I was elected to learn how to clean the birthing tub at the hospital I work at. Today, I also discovered that while blood doesn't bother me, floating chunks of afterbirth and god knows what else, will cause me to projectile vomit into said tub. Which I still had to clean afterwards. FML
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Hey, you chose to work at the hospital. Can't cut the cord now.

what got me was "chunks" I have 2 kids and I don't even want to know what those "chunks of after birth" are.


This is one of those very very FML moments. You've to post about it, just give it some time.

Not in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, or Washington D.C. man!

JuliaaNoelle 26

#16 since when is it legal in DC? Lol

Hey, you chose to work at the hospital. Can't cut the cord now.

Was that pun intended? Like umbilical cord?

This makes me think. Should the said new mother's birthing partner, her husband, be asked to clean the tube ?

countryb_cth 38

@55 no he/she shouldn't, because they used a hospital tub so it wasn't a home birth and its her job.

tehdarkness 21

Just wait till you get to the fecal matter!

My cousin shat herself while giving birth. I got away with it both times but it's quite common. It feels like an epic burning shit. Obviously with a special outcome.

Not necessarily. You'd be surprised what comes out when you're pushing that hard.

I was a volunteer nurse for a few years through uni, and it never fails to make me laugh how many women think that they were the exception, and that they never shat themselves whilst giving birth just because they never noticed. When in reality like 95% of women do, just nobody tells you about it. A nurse wipes it away immediately, nobody turns round and go "By the way, you just pooped yourself, but we're used to it, it's cool!". Most women don't even realise they've done it, but chances are, if you've given birth naturally, you've shit in front of someone.

coltonte3 5

I'd rather clean up shit than afterbirth. *pukes*

#48 I didn't poop when I had my daughter. I had a mirror to watch her come out so I would have seen.

what got me was "chunks" I have 2 kids and I don't even want to know what those "chunks of after birth" are.

Amniotic sac, mucus, some women shit when giving birth. It is not a clean process.

I started gagging when I read the FML and reading these comments is making me gag harder. Childbirth is one of those things that is both beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

It's worse witnessing it; it's not only thought but the sight and smell. There's a reason why they say you'll never forget it. And of course the moment you see your baby! I'm not surprised some people pass out.

ZY1431 24

i bet thats mild to all the other things that happen at hospitals

Amputations for example. Someone has to dispose of the removed parts.

Yea, gotta hand it to those folks. That's a tough job to stomach.

I would rather have amputated parts to dispose of, rather then after birth. I don't know why it's just the smell and awkwardness of labor and delivery.... Oh and on the rare occasion that the mom asks for the placenta to eat it.

My husband and his friend ate mine ? I had pizza.

Karenezzy 20

'Chunks' as in pieces if the placenta?

Placenta, amniotic sac, blood clotting, vaginal/ uterine wall lining, and like previously stated, lot of women push out more then vaginal fluid.

Baby, sounds like you got a shitty deal there...