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Yes, I agree, number 1. "Today, I was eating ice cream and struggling to chew a particularly hard chunk of chocolate. After finally breaking it into pieces, I spat it out because it tasted terrible. Then I discovered that I was missing my temporary crown. Now I have no upper molar. FML" And "Today, I was in an exam and was chewing the end of my pen, stuck on a question. My mouth filled up with ink. I wasn't allowed to leave, so I had to sit for another hour with a foul-tasting blue tongue and a half-working pen. FML" This FML kind of sounds like a combination that is similar to these. Or maybe, it's just a coincidence.


That is true. I've been to Brussels and Antwerp and they were both very nice. My family went without me to Bruges and they liked it a lot. You have nice chocolate, lace, beer, Mannekin Pis statues and mussels, but you've got weak teeth. You can't have everything.


funny how everyone keeps saying drink more milk but no one says anything about cutting down on the amount of soda or fruit juices you drink, since soda as well as stuff like oj is acidic and can leach the calcium out of your teeth, making it more brittle/weak

Good luck, the same thing happened to me once. It all depends on if the whole tooth, the nerve, or the bone broke off. If it did not reach the nerve they you should be in almost no pain and it will be easy to fix. If it did, you will have a lot of pain and dentist appointments.

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