By Anonymous - / Thursday 28 March 2013 20:56 / France - Sainte-savine
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54, you know that was creepy as fuck right. However 48 you know that you can't have your name be snake lover and make comments like that. It's just to damn easy to make jokes.

  jem970  |  19

She should be happy all of a sudden because they now know she doesn't have a gag reflex? yeah yippy for her... Now they will bother her till she sucks them off or punches their nuts.

  morella_xx  |  29

Yeah, OP, lighten up! Just appreciate the compliment of knowing that the main reason for the newfound interest is that your co-workers want to stick their dicks down your throat.

  SpartanMerc  |  18

Considering it's a bunch of men and she basically said she could take the whole thing without gagging, yea, there is no way that group of guys will think of her in any other way. Men as a whole think that way, especially when a girl says something that can be that arousing. Maybe if there weren't women out there that give rise to men seeing women that way it would eventually disappear, but that seems doubtful.