By Anonymous - 02/02/2014 17:33 - United States - Far Rockaway

Today, I was bitched out at 2am by my parents, for trying to "sneak out." I was sneaking out of my bedroom to take a crap. FML
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Well I guess you could say that's a.... *gets shot*

Next time walk out of your room in a normal way and yell "I'm taking a poop!"


Is it just me or are the parents freaking out possibly because OP has sneaked out before?

SkyGuy32 17

My mom yelled at me for getting out of bed to pee. Then she blamed a friend that I had had over for a sleepover a couple nights before, saying that he "makes me think I can get up out of bed all the time." My mom is insane.

Stay in your room and shit in a bag OP!

Next time walk out of your room in a normal way and yell "I'm taking a poop!"

Last I checked, sneaking out actually involves going out. Of the house.

badmandilon 19

Well, it depends, if you're going out of your room dressed as you're going out of the house, there's reason for suspicion. While if OP was dressed in pijamas the parents are just too imaginative, unless OP did sneak out of the house that way before.

buttcramp 21

yeah the parents should have waited to hear OP going to open the door to go outside and theeen said something!

Well (assuming the OP has 2+ floors in their home), unless you're going to jump through the window, which I don't recommend, your bedroom door is the next step.

Does your nightgown look like a party dress?

This comment is going to be awkward if OP's a dude.

OP, I believe that the best solution here would be every time you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, knock on your parents door and ask permission.

no dont knock. just use their bathroom

I think OP will be writing a new FML involving brain bleach if they they skip knocking.

perdix 29

Caught trying to bring on the midnight Cleveland Steamer, eh?