By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was babysitting for my neighbors. Their 5 year-old had finally fallen asleep at 11 after two hours of stories and songs. No sooner had I tip toed out of the room did I realize that my cell phone had dropped out of my pocket onto the bed. It was ringing. It was their mother checking in. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

If the kid was that worn out then a phone might not have woken him. Not really a FYL, more of a shit happens than anything else.

Otherwise next time get a recording from tv or a movie of a car chase with cop sirens and stuff. Then play that in the background when she phones and tell her "your kid is mine. The cops will never take us alive!". And watch her freak out hell out. :-P

  pinkster2014  |  25

Well, some people set their favorite song as their ringtone, so they'd rather let their ringtone play out loud. That's one reason why ringtones don't annoy some people

By  fretforyerlatte  |  0

ohh god i HATE when shit like that happens...whenever i've struggled for hours to get my daughter to sleep, something always happens to wake her up, like the fucking cat will come by and meow in her face. i'll punt that cat to the moon.

By  babymama1029  |  0

not really an FML.

It's your fault for putting the kid down at 11, ruining his/her schedule, and giving in to what he/she wanted. Every kid tries to play their babysitter, and you gave in to their tricks.

By  Ae_hunt  |  0

You think this is an FML? Try having children instead of just babysitting them. I lost a $250 cell phone because I put it on vibrate so that it wouldn't wake my son up...only when he did wake up, he took it and hid it.

By  arby  |  0

#7, you made me LOL, I think there's been a point in all of our lives when we've wanted to punt a small creature to the moon. As for the original, sure, it's an FML. There are different severities of FMLs, sometimes, you forget your keys inside and just mutter, fuck my life, and you move on with it, other times, your grandmother dies and then its bring your grandmother to work day. Sure, this is an FML. Also, I'm very sorry, I don't see how you deserved this.