By anonymous - / Saturday 23 March 2019 03:00 / South Africa - Bryanston
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By  samomaha  |  15

You knew you had the stomach flu. You "stood pacing around" (contradiction in terms, but whatever). BUt boy howdy, that cigarette was more important?!? And before I get flamed for being anti-smoking, I am not - I am a smoker. But at least I'm smart enought to realize that sometimes it is wiser to put out that cigarette and tend to other, far more important things!

By  OGSteveJobs  |  20

So as a smoker you know it has laxative in it.. AND you have a stomach flu... but you still decided to smoke before using the toilet... then you want us to feel bad for you? Thats a big negatory from me buddy. I hope everyone laughed at you.