By StevieMe - / Wednesday 8 April 2009 14:48 / Canada
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  beccaishereyay  |  11

"Today, I went to get a largevpicture of myself laminated. the guy proceeded to rub his ballsack then continued to laminate my picture like nothing happened. when it was finished there was a large pubic hair on my cheek, FML."


why is shaving your privates gross? lots of ppl do it. u see, most guys dont like it when their gfs have bushes. and some girls dont like it when their bfs do either. how old ARE you?

  nlm92  |  15

#177 That's not necessarily true. Preferences vary from person to person. I makes sense to keep it trimmed but fully shaven is a subjective preference. It's not the pubic hair that's gross it's the fact that he didn't scratch it through his pocket or something.

By  Savvy89  |  0

hahahahaha, tell her that is how the photo was when you recieved it, you noticed it at first but just thought the woman had a large cheek hair.

that should work =p

Pictures are Worth 1000 words and A Pubicle

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