By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I was at the beach with my parents. They were walking hand in hand, when they spotted a crab. My Dad turned to my Mum and said "Oh, must've crawled out of my pubes!" they both laughed and kissed. I don't think they realized I was within hearing distance. FML
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  Icyyy  |  0

Agreed. : ) *Warning: long comment follows*

And, Op, I hate to say it so bluntly, but it's a bit selfish of you to post this on Fml. your parents seem to have a nice sense of humor, so lighten up.
While it may be gross for your parent to say that, you said it yourself - 'they didn't know I was in hearing distance'. And besides, since you're on fml, you should be mature enough to hear something like that.

By  marinlabyrinth  |  0

oh wow....your life sucks so much, your parents have a happy relationship and get along. how is this an FML???
i have to hear my mom say this stuff all the time and fucking but it's not with my dad, it's with her new boyfriend who's 20 years younger than her.

go fuck yourself.