By 2old4thiscrap - 08/12/2009 18:06 - United States

Today, I was at Target buying four coloring books. As I was in line, the woman behind me said that buying coloring books was a good idea to keep my kids occupied. I smiled and said that it would give me a few minutes to relax. I am a 26 year old guy with no kids. The coloring books were for me. FML
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too_curvy 0

haha! 21yo female, I love coloring books.

sarcdude 3

I picked you deserve it, because I'm negatively voting you for thinking this is an FML. If you like coloring, then GODDAMNIT man you like coloring.


lol, i do the same thing

too_curvy 0

haha! 21yo female, I love coloring books.

hey what does MLIA mean?

This isn't an FML. This is a MLIA!

They would lap this up if it were to be posted on MLIA ;)

I wish it wasn't so, but this would definitely get posted on MLIA. I hate what that site has become.

elyssarae 0

Haha I agree. I love coloring books, and this should be an MLIA since you have time to even color! :]]

MLIA is mylifeisaverage

robertsk89 0

woah coloring was one if my favorite past times when I was a child. I should retake it up

Today, FML is moderating random comments. I feel oppressed. FML.