By Anonymous - 12/06/2009 07:53 - Canada

Today, I was at my job at an old folks home, and I was cleaning off a table when one old lady looks up at me and says "I've been a dirty dirty girl" in a seductive tone, I thought she meant about the table so I said "yes you have" then she winked at me, I walked away fast. FML
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That's revolting.

You knew exactly what she meant and you liked it!! ;)


That's revolting.

agreed thts BEYOND gross lol

You should take what you can get if that's you're life cause you ain't goin much further xD

Haha well old people need loving too.

But they gotta pay.

You knew exactly what she meant and you liked it!! ;)


why would that even matter..ok so she winked and walked away? big deal!

Op walked away after she winked...

XAMezaki 0

Maybe she mistaked you for someone else? My friend's grandmother sometimes mistakes him for his father.

Mistook* or has mistaken* come on generation. We're already in the "dumb shit" hole.

grammer is erverrated

HEADLINE Old woman rapes boy

Its just creepy that some. Old lady would be like that, i'd have walked away too

Eww, old people.

a_z0_9_fml 0

hahaha that sounds like the old people at the place i used to work at.