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Today, I was at my girlfriend's house. It was just me and her. Things began to get heated, and we started doing it on the living room couch. Near the end of it I decided to whisper in her ear, "Who's your daddy?" I hear behind me, "I am." FML
By unbelievable208 / Wednesday 5 August 2009 05:28 / United States
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  iKaite  |  0

Arnold Schwarzennegger soundboard ftw. You should actually yell out, 'I'm gonna ask you a bunch of questions, and I want them answered immediately.'

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  zymn  |  6

you are stupid... you wouldn't think that someone would be as much a bitch to ruin a relationship by setting up a girl with a dude she had called hot before just cause she doesn't like the guy her friend likes. but guess what happened to me...

  Kiwi_Splash  |  0

On the living room couch? I really hate it when people are unaware and pathetic. I'm glad the dad came in time to seriously show you who her daddy is; the man whose couch your shagging his daughter on. Good FML though. I'm glad a nice lesson was taught :)

  pwnage79  |  0

#30, strange things happen in this world. anything can happen. have you been to school? learn about probability? this CAN happen! i can enherit over 5million dollars right at this moment!(please let it happen!) that chance is very slim, but its possible. this chance is also really slim BUT IS possible. go get a 4-6th grade education

  tari_joon  |  0

Funny you should say that, I JUST got an email this morning from some bank minister in Nigeria telling me that my $5 million inheritance had been approved. You can have it if you want.

Also, this is blatantly fake. Not funny.

  FrayedxD  |  0

#39 how about you shut the hell up, people are free to comment if they think it's fake or not, when quite obviously it is fake, not to mention this has been someone's FML like at least 20 times, it's getting a bit old.. don't you think?



Overprotective fathers just suck so much it's not even funny. They try to compensate for their total inability to look after themselves or their wife by destroying any guys that even look at their daughter. Honestly, overprotective dads, do you want your daughters to end up lonely and miserable?

  CFR  |  0

I don't think he watched it. He walked in near the end of it I think he said... (I HOPE)

OP: I really don't get that saying "Who's your daddy" HOW IS THAT SEXY?!
If some guy asked me that I'd be like, "Umm...not you, unless you're the sperm donor that got my mother pregnant, in which case I want you the fuck out of my bed." That would sort of kill the mood a bit now wouldn't it?

  Protegas  |  0

I agree x.x
If a guy said that to me, I'd leave >.> Or make him leave lol No way could I continue having sex with someone when they're talking about being my dad :l

*Not saying I would end the relationship, I would end having sex with them at that moment O.o

  beckmanj1  |  0

Oh come on, everybody does it, if they didn't then you wouldn't be around, you can't tell me that you really believe that your daughte,r if she's over 16, hasn't done the dirty deed

  sarroth  |  0

Thank you for saying that, that's the first thing I thought. I don't see how mentioning the word "dad" in any context during sex could be sexy at all. That would totally kill the mood for me, I could never say that to my girlfriend. I don't see how that qualifies as a sexy thing to say with people, but I guess to each their own.

  molliross  |  0

he derserves it for using that pathetic phrase.
that's the one line that would turn me off in a second.
that, and maybe, "i wanna lick your asshole."

  CrazyLaughs4Me  |  17

#38- your comment is sooo invalid it's not even funny. That's so far off... Overprotective Fathers are overprotective because they care not because they are trying to "compensate not being able to care for the wives and themselves" or whatever. If a Father was a bad person and didn't or couldn't care he wouldn't give a sh*t of what his daughter did. Yeah, they're extremely annoying and many girls can agree - but unless your dad was the fuck up, don't presume that all overprotective dads are like that.

  Subcontinent  |  14

I'm 17 (above age of consent here) and my dad may not exactly love the idea but he and my mum both agreed that when I was ready and they were satisfied I was with a good guy it would be fine. They both know and love my boyfriend of over a year now.
All I'm saying is you don't have to beat someone up to keep your daughter safe. Have good communication with her, make sure she trusts you. Then you at least get some say in who she ends up sleeping with even if it isn't really up to you. You can make sure she isn't sleeping around with every guy and that she uses protection and if something does go wrong, she can and will go to you. Isn't it better to prepare your daughter to have a healthy happy long term relationship complete with sex than to force her to either be alone or hide what she's doing and therefore be at more risk?