By Sam - United States
  Today, I was at my boyfriend's house. We were starting to get intimate, and I thought it would be kinky to tie his hands to his bed so he'd be more turned on. Suddenly his mom called us for dinner, but I couldn't untie him fast enough. I had to sit there, embarrassed, while his mom undid the rope. FML
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  ImanAzol  |  4

Handcuffs can damage the wrists. Leather cuffs with buckles are much safer.

But why did she have to untie him? Couldn't she just wait while you did?

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I don't think the issue is her being in the house so much as their horrible timing. They must have known it was close to supper time; they should have waited 'til later, when everyone was in bed.

By  U_idiot  |  1

lol nice. You kind of deserve it for getting it on before supper... which I'm guessing you knew about. Shit like this happens all the time though to people I'm sure. Embarrasing yes.. FML, no.

By  beverly1987  |  0

Fun fact: putting the apostrohpe at the end of "boyfriends" instead of between the d and s, it creates the impression of you having multiple boyfriends who all live in the same house ;)
I know, grammar naziism is bad, but this is just funny.