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  brand125  |  17

35 - when you put yourself out there to be a celebrity, you accept and invite all of these types of comments, otherwise dont be a famous singer where people will wanna talk about you.

  Astrum14  |  24

Judging Bieber based on his public actions has nothing to do with stereotypes. Stereotypes are when you use a group the person belongs to ("white" "male" "young adult") to say things apply to them.

  verysmarmy  |  11

It's both. They're nervous because they know that they can't take a dump without everything from the middle of their stomachs to their tails ripping off.

  igive  |  29

Imagine op presenting a picture of his chihuahua next to the turd for evidence. "As you can see, your honor, my dog is far to small to have taken that dump."

  BrotherPhil  |  32

Nobody is denying that. OP'S point is that they were fined not only for something that they were not responsible for, but for something that they patently could not have been responsible for. OP is not his brother's sweeper.

By  Blodwast  |  16

YDI for not picking up your dog's poop.

  miianah1  |  22

13, I was a little bit confused at first too. I thought OP was was saying that he didn't have to pick up his dogs poop because it was too big (and was exaggerating about the length). Which in that case, would be a YDI. But it's actually the fact that it's not his dog's poop. We're so dumb. XD at least I looked for an explanation before voting or commenting