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  Mierda2k  |  1

wait a min.OP is dumb for several reasons. if he had the words printed on each MM then he shud have stop the woman before she ate it all. if he had a letter printed on each one then that dumb too even so, how was it in order for her to see the phrase. and finally m&ms u dnt deserve a wife for that attempt.

  chellexx  |  0

haha seriously. unless each m&m had a letter on it. even then, the person wouldn't have thought of the possibility they were special m&ms unless they were told. they may have noticed the odd one here and there with an a or an e, but they probably would have eaten most of them by that point. OP should be happy tho, it really isn't a wonderful way to propose so now they have another chance

  bkveida  |  6

jumbo m&m FTW

By  afallingstar  |  22

you sir are an idiot...really a proposal with m&ms? I suppose its better than what I got. my man said "how would you feel if I told you I didnt want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore?"...

  fthku  |  13

afallingstar, I feel sorry for "your man" for being with a stuck up bitch like you. At first you look down on OP's proposal idea, when it is actually a sweet way to do it (much better than most people's), then you continue to diss your own fiancehusband.

OP, YDI. Not that this is such a terrible thing, just order some more or think of some other way to propose.
If anything this'll be a funny story to tell her and the kids.

  TheZarola  |  10

I completely agree.
If you're forward, you're more likely to get what you want, OP.
But no. You tried to be unique (stupid way of being unique IMO) and it backfired. YDI.
Also, I don't think I know anyone who looks at what's written on their M&Ms. You should have told her to stop or to read them.

  kcnutt10  |  1

I read each and every M&M in every bag that I get in hopes of seeing that the company messed up and printed a different letter on one of them.

By  GreeneyedWonder  |  0

I like that idea, OP. Very cute :)
Still, sorry about her eating them all. Did you leave her alone while she ate them? If not, when they started to get low and she still didn't notice, you probably should have pointed it out.

  DjeePee  |  24

Jup, it really was a sweet gesture. Literally. Much better than the other proposals on FML. But OP should better have said that there was something special with the m&m's. I would put them all together in my mouth if no one said something.