By disgusting - / Wednesday 4 February 2009 16:51 / United States
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By  Imdead  |  0

Wow, Fuck her life.

  Lichinamo  |  33

Fuck HER life? I say fuck the OP's life. The vomiter clearly threw up for no reason and just wanted to blame someone. That someone happened to be the OP.

By  boyvu22  |  0

I'm not sure whether or not to believe this...are you like...how are you so...striking in appearance that you cause someone to vomit?

By  lulikr  |  0

maybe she was allergic to something to do with you like if you recently ate peanutbutter or something

By  Kat_MS  |  0

Haha that sucks...I doubt you actually caused her to throw up though :P. She was probably just trying to be funny, or as others have said, cover up her embarrassment.

By  iamf___d  |  0

If this is true it is very sad you should post yourself on a site and charge money at least then you can get rich cause even a rich circus freak gets layed

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