By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I walked in on my husband in our room completely naked. At first I thought he was waiting for me so we could have sex. He hadn't seen me yet, so I started to undress too to surprise him. Then I saw that he had drawn a face on his penis and he was talking to it. FML
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  deathmajestic  |  0

ima get YOUR NAME tattooed on the side of my dick
then ima walk up to some fucking hot girl n say,"i bet you i have your name tattooed on my dick. and if i do you have to suck it."

  fili450r  |  0

oh, i am so doing this now! thats why i tell people i got a huge gesture angel tattooed on my back, so i can talk to imma start talking to my wienner.....hopefully i remember not to use a sharpie... =)

  plexico  |  3

Because Megan Fox is hot, or because her thumbs look like little penises?

Seriously, have you seen a close-up picture of her thumbs? They look like hammer toes!