By Anonymous - 10/10/2011 08:29 - Reserved
Today, I walked in on my flatmate squatting over the bathroom scales, completely naked. When I asked what he was doing, he replied very seriously, "weighing my testicles, you should try it sometime, if they're too heavy you may have cancer". I'm a girl. FML
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  doctorwhogirl  |  0

she should have told him to weigh his head because if it gets to big it's a sign of brain cancer... then sit back and watch him try to actually weigh his own head like a complete asshat


My theory is that he was really about to take a dump on the scales because someone told him it was the heaviest thing in the world. But when the OP walked in he had to think up a good excuse in a hurry for being like that.. and failed.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

This is where we need a facepalm smiley. :/

:4 That's actually pretty good --> :4 any better ideas?